Here are some links categorised under Blogging, Books, Articles, Videos, Personal Development, Learning and Music.

As of now, these are the Categories.  This page will be updated on a bi-weekly basis so that you get the latest Resources that I personally use and will recommend to others. Brief description of what the links lead you to are included for easier reference.

-Tutorials, Themes, Tools, Widgets

RafayTutorials :  Founded by a young 17 year old guy from Pakistan, highly recommend for those searching for creative widgets & blogging tips.  Suitable for beginners who like a shortcut for some spice to your blog. : Another site with more content than RafayTutorials.  I would recommend the Themes, BlogDirectory where you can add your website / blog, Blogger Tools are great too. 

MyBloggerTricks : This one is a not-to-be-miss site if you are exploring tools, tips, put it simple, how are you going to improve your blog appearance, complementing the awesome content you write.  Fully equipped with guides on making money online, SEOs, widgets, plugins and  many more.  I highly recommend this if you intend to go deep in enhancing your blog design.

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Personal Development 
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Learning / Education
Languages, Mathematics, Sciences, Arts, Literature and many more
Memrise Courses : You can learn many things on this website. Sign up and Log in and learn New things!
I am using this myself,, exploring memory games and brushing up my Japanese and French.

Uniguru : This website has listings of universities and colleges (public and private) in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands and Hong Kong,

NeuroNation : This website provides free brain training, increase your intelligence, memory, attention span, focus/concentration and more!! I use the application on my iPad, interesting brain games.. I would encourage all of you to try it! However, the app requires you to pay USD4.99 to unlock each of the additional training, i.e. Memory I and Memory II.

Teach Piano Today : This website will definitely be of help to music teachers. They have innovative of helping you teach your students.  I find it much helpful in my teaching.

Common Sense Media : This website rate, educate and advocate for kids, families and schools.