Monday, 14 January 2019

Reflections of 2018 and Going Forward in the New Year

2018 has been a hectic year for me, and I just realised I have neglected this blog quite significantly. In 2018, I completed an Honours year in Psychology investigating the relationship between Facebook use, social skills and social anxiety in young adults and it has been a tough undertaking. In this post, I will write a list of learnings and reflections that I gained from last year, and hopefully those learnings have helped me become a better person, and will continue to help me as I go forward in 2019. 

1. As much as I plan and organise things, things still may not go as planned.
2. It is important to adapt to changing circumstances.
3. A few good friends are enough for me to survive Honours year.
4. It is possible to have a social life outside of studies.
5. Even though a situation is less than ideal, it is still possible to adapt to it and make it a good experience overall.
6. I love my favorite spots in the Uni library and the State Library of Victoria
7. Sometimes, in order to persevere in my project, I have to pick myself back up everyday to get some work done
8. We all make mistakes, the best that we can do is to learn from it, move on and do our best not to repeat that mistake.
9. Perseverance is more important than intelligence in finishing a research project.
10. It's okay to change my aims and hypotheses of my research project, just don't do it too many times. 
11. Exercising is important in maintaining sanity which doing a research project and writing a thesis.
12. Other people's projects are quite interesting to get to know about, but may not be as interesting to execute it.
13. One step at a time / One day at a time is the best mantra we can remind ourselves. 
14. I cannot believe I actually wrote a 10,000-word paper, produced at least four 2000-word essays, created a Youtube video and a poster in a year. 
15. On some days, I absolutely love doing my thesis, on others, it's the last thing I want to do.
16. It's okay to take a break and continue working later.
17. Walking and watching netflix and youtube videos have been my go-to self care strategies.
18. It's not over until it's truly over. So, keep pressing on.

Going on to 2019, I am happy to announce that I have successfully been admitted into the Master of Professional Psychology at my home uni, ACU, which is amazing! At this stage in my life, I do think this pathway to become a registered psychologist in Australia suits me well. Even though I have already been in uni for 4.5 years, I am looking forward to new learnings in this year and meeting people from different places and cultures and learning from them too. There will be challenges ahead for sure, but challenges will enrich the experience even more. 

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