Friday, 4 November 2016

100 Ideas for Self Care!

Recently, I have compiled a long list of ideas for my own self-care during Uni exams period (which is now really). I will share them with you today, some of them have been modified to suit most people. 

1. Take a few deep breaths
2. Take a 10 minute walk
3. Make yourself a cup of hot drink 
4. Practise gratitude
5. Be compassionate / kind towards yourself
6. Take a break
7. When stressed out, brainstorm alternative ways to solve the problem
8. Accept uncertainty as part of life
9. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, don't shut them out. 
10. Love all parts of yourself: the good, bad and the ugly
11. Focus on just one thing that you have to do for the day.
12. Talk to someone you trust
13. Write a letter to yourself
14. Embrace surprises, unexpected turns and failures in life
15. Go to the beach and the ocean
16. Tell yourself: "It's hard, but I can do this"
17. Go back to the basics: Nutrition, Rest, Sleep, Leisure, Water, Cut down on sugars and caffeine
18. Be present in the moment
19. Practise meditation exercises
20. Listen to some relaxing music
21. Look for the positives in every situation (especially during adversities)
22. Don't compare yourself with others. There are 7.5 billion people in this world, you can't top them all. 
23. Hit the gym or run around your residential area
24. Smile to someone else
25. Help someone else
26. Avoid catastrophising (i.e., making things bigger or more serious than they actually are)
27. Have some comfort food
28. Recall happy times with friends and family
29. Call or text a friend to catch up
30. Open up
31. Read a book
32. Watch a movie you like
33. Hugs
34. Colour
35. Journal
36. Volunteer 
37. Visit a local exhibition / museum / or some other artsy stuff
38. Cry
39. Do yoga 
40. Hyperfocus on something
41. Laugh about problems
42. Accept what you can't change, and change those that you can. 
43. Learn a new language / craft / recipe / whatever you like
44. Surround yourself with nature for a day
45. Practise being. 
46. Do nothing, literally. 
47. Solve a puzzle
48. Visit a bookstore 
49. Go to an art gallery
50. Paint
51. Take a mental health day, or schedule it into your week.
52. Spend time with people who empower you
53. Avoid toxic people
54. Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, this keeps you motivated. 
55. Appreciate the beauty of this world
56. Play video games / iOS / Android games
57. Put on makeup, or put on a suit
58. Join social events
59. Share your knowledge with others
60. Work limited hours
61. Set boundaries by saying "no" to things
62. Be brave and do something you are fearful of
63. Go shopping
64. Accept your painful / unpleasant emotions.
65. Go for a massage
66. Try aromatherapy / essential oils
67. Eat healthily
68. Sleep at appropriate times
69. Set a positive intention at the start of your day
70. Don't let petty things get to you. Ask yourself: Would this matter in 5 or 10 years time?
71. Try a new hobby
72. People watching
73. Get a pet or many pets
74. Eat ice-cream
75. Pamper yourself
76. Create a list of 10 things you like about yourself
77. Fail, but fail happily, because you can learn something each time you fail
78. Go to your favourite cafe
79. Party with friends
80. Lose yourself momentarily in a good book or movie
81. Go on an adventure
82. Create a bucket list
83. Read inspirational quotes
84. Spend quality time with your significant other
85. Smile even when you feel horrible
86. Creative expression
87. Go to a garden, watch the flowers, the trees, the grass
88. Watch funny videos
89. Attend a musical or theatre performance
90. Go for a buffet
91. Take naps
92. Look at yourself in the mirror and say "I love you"
93. Experience life as it comes, as it is. 
94. Go on a roadtrip
95. Sleep in for that day
96. Educate yourself on wellbeing and self-improvement
97. Travel
98. Help someone who is less fortunate than you.
99. Meet new people
100. Learn to forgive yourself and others

How did you find this list? Did any of them helped you? If you have any tips that are not listed here. Please share them in the comments below. 

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