Monday, 1 August 2016

Update: Semester 2 Starts and My Next Postings

I am finally back on this blog again!

As I have started the semester in Uni, I thought it would be better to set a schedule for my blog postings. For the next half a year, I hope to publish a post by every Saturday night. If I can I will publish more during the week, but it depends on how busy I am during the week.

Just a sneak peek on what I have planned for the next few weeks!

- Semester 1, 2016 Subject Reviews
- My Trip to Central Australia
- My much delayed AIESEC trip experience
- Maybe a Pokemon Go Review?
- Food reviews
- Book reviews (Hint: I will be reviewing a fiction book and some self help books)

This semester will be a tough one, as I am taking three third-year subjects all at once. I have managed to get a reduced load this semester, so hopefully that will give me more time to work on my assignments.