Sunday, 19 June 2016

Food Review #5: Mork Chocolate Brew House

My sister stumbled on a video from INSIDER Food Facebook page which showcased Mörk Chocolate Brew House’s Campfire Chocolate dessert. Since it’s holidays for me, and she could use a sweet break from her exam revision, we decided to pay a visit.

Mörk Chocolate Brew House (simply Mörk) is on Errol street, a specialty café for chocolates, cakes, and hot chocolate drinks.

Even before I stepped into the store, the minimalist logo on the side door / letter box caught my eye.

Overview of the store
Upon entering the store, I was quite surprised because the store is quite small. Four tables, three small tables which can fit 2 to 4 people, and a rectangular table which can fit about 10 people. Just doing the math, it means that the maximum number of people they can cater is 19 – 20.

 Minimalist, gives an artistic kind of feel and design.

Look closer… I can’t help but to admire the fantastic font that they used. As you can see from the Menu, their chocolates have different concentration or cocoa, 50%, 65%, 70% and 85%.

In the left corner of the store are their merchandises. The majority of them are cocoa (all of the concentration listed above), and they also sell ceramic mugs and cups that are locally made, titanium-plated milk jugs, and amber-coloured bottles on the top rack.

Both of us ordered a Campfire Chocolate (AUD8), she ordered an extra Chocolate Ganache and Burnt Caramel cake (AUD7).

For the Campfire Chocolate that I ordered, it comes with four things and you can prepare the drink yourself! There a glass placed upside down as it has beechwood smoke in it; then on the right there is the ceramic mini-jug with hot chocolate; between those two things, there are the small sprinkles of chocolate salt and a toasted marshmallow.
The waitress explained how to prepare it when she served them to us. First, you will turn the glass filled with smoke upright, then you pour the hot chocolate into it. I suggest you do it slowly so you can smell the smoke, it gives you the atmosphere of being beside a campfire, hence the name. After pouring you can take the chocolate sprinkles and put it into the hot chocolate. Finally, you dip your toasted marshmallow into it. Voilà! 

What I like about this hot chocolate is mainly the fun of the customer being able to do something hands-on with their drink. Another plus point of the smoke is that the hot chocolate has an added smoky flavour to it, not the usual AUD3 hot chocolate you get in other places of Melbourne.

The Verdict
Taste: 4.5/5
Originality: 5/5
Would I recommend it: Definitely

For the Chocolate Ganache and Burnt Caramel cake, I tasted a little bit but I thought it would be good to get my sister’s opinion on it. It’s a dark chocolate cake with salted caramel cake. It was really good quality chocolate, but one downside to it was that it’s not very special compared to the other choices in the Menu.  

The Verdict
Taste: 4.7/5
Originality: 3/5
Would I recommend it: Nah…

Who should definitely visit Mörk?
-People who would like a break from usual food and try something different in a really fantastic, minimalist atmosphere.
-People who have a sweet tooth and some spare cash to spend on pure chocolate dessert.
-People who want to try something kinda-new in town!

A video you might wanna check out that teaches you how to make Mork chocolate 

Mörk Chocolate Brew House
Opening Hours: Monday – Closed; Tuesday to Sunday 9am – 5pm
Address: 150 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051.

Tel No: +61 (03) 9328 1386    


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