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Have you ever thought about proofreading your essay to improve your structure, argument, and quality?

Today I will be reviewing that examines your essay, analyses it, and provide feedback on it.

I have used their website and found it helpful for my assignment. I will review their service in a few sections: 1. Layout of the website, 2. Review of "Analyze My Paper" service, and 3. Recommendations for users

1. Layout

 As you can see above, the layout of the website is very clear and free of distractions. The tabs at the top of the website make it really easy to navigate.

Let's look further scrolling down the website.

This analysis provided in this website includes:
1. Grammar
2. Organization
3. Style
4. Content 
5. Research

These aspects are essential to an excellent piece of essay, no matter the year level, whether one is in primary, secondary or tertiary education. 

You can also look at their testimonials section to see what other customers have to say. 

2. Review of "Analyze My Paper" service

What really attracted me to consider using the service was its cheap pricing. Where can you get $1 / page? The market price is usually much higher, do a Google search and you will find out. Another plus point of is that they provide different levels of service: Grade My Paper and Analyze My Paper while other sites often only have one option. This gives users the option of trying out Grade My Paper first before deciding to go for Analyze My Paper. 

I decided to submit my Cultural Studies subject assignment for their service.

The above picture is the feedback given by Jaquelyn. 

As you can see, for a 1000 words essay, it's only 10 dollars. For the comments, I have counted that they gave at least 2-3 comments every paragraph and in total I had at least 15 comments in my paper.

As I needed to submit my assignment by the 15 April, I requested for my paper to be proofread by the same day I submitted my paper to this site. Despite it being a Friday, and they had a policy of 48 hours, my marker was still able to help me finish the proofreading by the time I needed them. 

That, to me, was a 5-stars plus point. 

So, how did my assignment go? I managed to get a H2A, 78/100 for this assignment. This shows that with some quality feedback, one can boost their marks which might possibly improve a grade. 

3. Recommendations for users

Definitely, try this service because of its cheap pricing. You can just save on a meal and you will be able to afford proofreading a 1000-word paper. It's that affordable! 

Head over to the website, and read more about it and judge for yourself. I gave an overview of their site here just to get you started if you are interested. 

Let me know what you think about me doing reviews like this. I might possibly make more reviews about things I use, books I read, cafes I go to, among other things. 

If you like this review or would want to know more, drop me a comment! 


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