Sunday, 6 September 2015

Food Review #4: Eating Fresh Oysters from Queen Vic Market

Have you eaten any food raw? You perhaps enjoy the delicious and fantastic sashimi at a Japanese restaurant which often require the expertise of a Japanese chef to make. Unless you and me make them often and practise enough, I doubt we can make them taste exceptional.

I took the opportunity of this Sunday morning to go to Queen Victoria Market to see what's on super discount. I was told by a friend that on Sundays before 3pm almost all stalls will be selling things at crazy cheap prices. So, I went to the market almost every Sunday since I arrived at Melbourne in July.

This trip, I had a special goal in mind. It was to shop for ingredients to make DIY bath scrubs, which I will write on in another post soon. This was inspired by a lady named Wei who conducted a workshop on how to make these skincare products as gifts or for personal use at the Melbourne International Students Conference held for two days this weekend.

So, after I grab the other stuff like lemon pepper chicken, Salmon fillets, poppy seeds, sweet almond oil, olive oil and lavendar essential oil, I saw these beautiful oysters, a dozen of them in each tray. They were sold in several stalls at roughly the same price, $13-$14 a tray.

I asked one of the sellers, pointing on the oysters, "How should I eat it?", he said "just eat it like that, straight away. I can give you lemons as well". I was excited, because all oysters I have eaten are either like the ones they have here but cooked or the small ones put into Hokkien Mee. So, courageously, I bought half a dozen and silently hope eating them raw won't poison me.

Went home, took out the tray and started to squeeze some lemon juice on them. They looked super fresh, with a sniff I seemed to be able to smell the ocean...

I thought it would take me 2 days to slowly eat them, but to my surprise, it taste so good that I slided each oyster into my mouth, chew and swallow it, thought to myself "this is so delicious!" and unfortunately or fortunately repeated the process for 5 times and finished them!!

I have absolutely no idea how much cholesterol I am gonna get eating 6 oysters at one go, but it certainly was a cool experience. With some lemon juice on them, it brings more flavour to the oysters. Apparently, oysters taster better during colder months as it's fresh from the sea, still cold and everything.

So, now is your turn to try it!! Let me know in the comments below what you think about your experience eating oysters raw and also how have you seasoned your oysters!

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