Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New stage in life: UniMelb journey in Aussieland!

So yesterday, I just got my results for Semester 1, 2015 and officially am done with my 3rd semester at Monash University Malaysia. Yesterday was a Small let-down-Big joy-Small let-down day.

Set my alarm clock at 7am, tried to wake up but just snoozed my alarm as usual.. After a while, I finally pulled my lazy body out of the bed and check on WES (a website where our exam results are released). P.S. I even put a paper in front of my computer screen so that I can slowly move the paper downwards so as to not shock / surprise myself all at once. But, as I waited for the page to load, I find it ridiculously slow... The page kept saying "This webpage is not available." for a couple of times as refresh it.

Soon, I realised it's gonna take a while, it probably crashed due to the high number of log ins - Small let-down. Then I moved on to open my Facebook page, specifically the "Monash Uni Network" group to ask around to see if others have already accessed their results. Turns out two of my friends have already gotten their results. I was getting more anxious and jittery lol.. As I had applied to transfer to the University of Melbourne, I've been having dreams AND nightmares about this exam results as it would determine whether or not I am accepted. For example, I was at MCF camp a couple of weeks ago, and on Day 2, I had a dream about me seeing my University of Melbourne letter saying that I am not accepted into the uni.... Oh god... Then, of course on the exam release date itself (13 July AKA yesterday), I had another interesting dream consisting of two parts. Part 1 was me getting a result of 85% - Wow, great HD. Second part was me getting 47% - a horrible N /ungraded.
So many "dreams", maybe Freud's Interpretation of dreams technique could come in handy.

When I finally was able to access my results using a link a kind person provided on the "Monash Uni Network" group, I discovered that my this sem's results were higher than my conservative estimates! I wouldn't tell you guys here what I got, but in summary it was from a bunch of Cs to HD. Yay! What a joy! :)

Official Academic Transcript until Sem 1, 2015

OK, that's the Big joy. About 30 minutes later, I received an email from my agent, Nicole from AUG Subang Jaya, which consists of the reply of the Undergraduate Admissions person in UniMelb regarding my credit transfer. I was told that "Faculty has confirmed that upon successfully meeting the offer condition, student will be eligible for 100 points of credit. Credit details will be included in the full offer once the student has met the offer condition". This was a disappointment, as 4 subjects (1 semester worth) will not be accepted for credit = I will need to redo 4 subjects!! = I will most likely graduate later than 21 years old unless I do Summer /Winter units. :( This was yet again another small-let-down.

My expectation was that they would take 10-11 subjects out of the 12 that I completed, due to the mismatch of Developmental and Biological Psychology & Research Design and Analysis (Monash) with Developmental Psychology & Biological Psychology (UniMelb) subjects. But... it was not the case.

Now, that everything that I need to do regarding the application is done, all I can do is to hope that they accept credits for my this semester results, as I did quite fantastic! (hoping my wish come through day and night...)


People (combi of family & friends) ask me, what do you feel now that you are gonna leave for Aus? Anxious, excited, or what?

Honestly, I was just ruminating whether or not I will make it (70% average) as I approach final exams and after exams period till two days ago. Now... honestly, I am neither super excited or anxious really. just _________. (fill in the blank space) "As usual" isn't the right word either.

I wouldn't label myself being in an emotional state, rather I'm sort of in a mode of planning, thinking, sorting out, organising stuff, learning tips & tricks and training my discipline. That is somewhat what I have been doing for the past few weeks.

I am adjusting from disbelief that I have finished 1.5 years (omg! time flies feeling) to embracing the new semester ahead. With everything being new to me, the people, the places, the culture, the food, the syllabus and how things work at UniMelb compared to Monash. Wow, level up from being spoon-fed back in Malaysia, to surviving shitz.. (whateva that lies ahead) independently abroad.

Even at this stage, days from departure, I barely know how to cook simple stuff, I am confident somehow I will be able to trial-n-error there and make myself food....to ensure healthy survival in the Winter!

Finally, I want to say a personal thank you for all my friends here in Monash, I am blessed to know you all. I hope we can continue to keep in touch in the future though I want to spend more quality time with you all but unfortunately I will have to move on to a new stage of my Uni life. Also thank you to those who take time out to go outing with me during this sem break.. Appreciation all to you guys!! To other friends who I would love to catch up but didn't have the time, I will see you soon kayz? We shall meet again.

Enough of rant here lol, anyways, definitely gonna miss friends and family here in Malaysia. And I shall be back!