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10 Things Pure Focusing Can Do For You

Your conscious mind is the goal setter, your unconscious mind is the goal-getter.

This is one of the learnings from the NLP Licensed Practitioner course I attended back in January. 

A quote from NLP for Life states the following:
Goal setting is a conscious, logical process while the Reticular Activation System (RAS) of the brain plays a vital part in ones ability to achieve goals via the unconscious mind. 

Let me tell you a funny incident that happened a few years ago in Australia that can certainly give you a perfect illustration.  

In 2010, I was on a vacation in Australia. One hot day I spotted a Boost Juice Bar along the streets. I was so fascinated by it and I wanted to go get a cup. But due to our schedule, I couldn't do so.

I still wanted to get it. For the following days, even though I was walking along with the others during our tour. I seemed to only notice the streets where they might have Boost. I searched literally frantically, just looking for them, not really caring about the street view, passerby etc. For example, after visiting the Old Melbourne Gaol on Russell Street even, I was thirsty, and I didn't even thought of drinking water, I just wanted to try Boost. 

So, finally one day I found a shop and bought one. It was delicious and a amazing thirst-quencher. The annoying part is after I came back to Malaysia, I found there was just one at the airport. But fortunately when I bought that one, it didn't taste as fresh as the one in Melbourne.

In my case, I consciously wants to look for a Boost Juice Bar. While my unconscious mind will show me Boost when my brain is exposed to millions of information per second. 

This learning from NLP helped me when I set my daily positive intentions. I am glad I went for the programme as I can now use it for my learning, communication with people, overcome limiting beliefs and many more. 

Despite the apparent contradiction with traditional psychology (I'm a Psych major by the way), I find it useful to view both approaches as tools to help us understand our world better. That will be another separate post for my views on all these. 

Methods of Focusing. 

You can do this several ways. I will put this into sequential steps to be followed as a guide.

 1. Deep breathings

I personally use the 4.2.4. method but you can modify it the way you feel at ease. Inhale through your diaphragm for 4 counts, slowly, and hold your breath for 2 counts and exhale for 4 counts. Do this 424 breathing for 5 -15 rounds, depending on how much time you have. This should calm your senses down. 

2. Eliminate distractions

Remove all the things that are stimulating your five senses unnecessarily, such as your handphone, tablet, the television, computer games, music etc. If you want to achieve something, be firm and do it.
Practise delayed gratification, where you delay something that is a reward or pleasurable to allow yourself to do something more important.

3. Set a Specific goal(s)
Goals have to be S.M.A.R.T. This is an acronym for
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic & Relevant
  • Time-based
If your goal doesn't have all of these, your unconscious mind will not be able bring you your results. 

4. Work out what you need to do
Write in a list and divide them into manageable parts. And plan when should the sections be completed

5. Work towards Success!!

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: If you notice your mind wander after a few minutes of maybe less than a minute, it's perfectly okay. You just re-focus. Be patient and practise makes perfect.

Benefits of Pure Focusing

  1. Eliminates anxiety, calm yourself down
  2. Increase self awareness
  3. Eliminate need of multitasking, which is proven ineffective here, here and here.
  4. Deliver extraordinary results
  5. Boost self confidence
  6. Allows coffee / tea / toilet breaks
  7. Fulfill your dreams in life, make them come true!
  8. Radical acceptance
  9. Perform better in marathons, not the 42KM run, but our life journeys
  10. Find your passion, your strengths, gifts and vocation

Finally, that's all from me and I hope you enjoy this short article.

Oh, one last thing, I would like to recommend a book that can help you tremendously in personal growth and create positive change. It's by Eckhart Tolle, titled The Power of Now. In Malaysia you can buy it from bookstores nationwide at around RM 46.90 or get the PDF here. I encourage you to read it with an open mind, regardless of your religious beliefs. 
A detailed methodology of life's most fundamental principles, practical application and amazing realizations.

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