Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Back to School 2015

So... Today's Tuesday and still in CNY mode, let me share a joke with you.

I was all ready to go for my piano class at 8:30am yesterday, my teacher and I planned a replacement class during CNY holidays.

I arrived at her house 10 minutes late, my usual Malaysian timing... a habit I have to kick sooner or later. I greeted Aunty (my teacher's mum) and she asked "Today got class ah?" in Mandarin. I am like "Duh!! (I scheduled with her wad..)

There I was sitting on the piano stool, facing the same old piano for the past four years. Practising my far-from-perfect Czerny drills.

Suddenly . My phone rang.

It was my teacher calling me, in her own house! Seriously??

The phone conversation went this way.

Me: Hi teacher?
Teacher: Hi Amy, are you in my house now?
Me: Yeah.
Teacher: Check back your Whatsapp, your class is tomorrow.
Me: Oh... (suddenly waking up from my rather blur absentmindedness) Yea, I remember seeing it on the 24th (Tuesday) but somehow I had the impression it was today.
Teacher: Sorry dear, I feel sorry for you. I can teach you today, but I've got some errands to run..
Me: (Mana boleh minta cikgu ajar lagi apabila salah saya kan?) - Translation: How can I ask teacher to teach me when it's my mistake?  It's okay, really. I will come again tomorrow. Bye.

Well, a rather unfunny joke isn't it?

That's not the only mistake regarding timings / appointments I made all these years. In fact, last month, when I was scheduled to be the Emcee for the monthly recital for the music academy I work in, I even arrived a week earlier on a Sunday (my working day la) thinking that it was the recital day just because I'd spoken to my boss over Whatsapp.  OMG!!! From Shah Alam to Puchong is quite far ok?? So I wasted petrol to and fro because of this silly mistake.

That's quite enough on my share of mistakes over these few months haha.. I am sure there will be more to come in the coming months lol.

Back to the topic of this post...

Time flies, at first I was pushing my way and persevering to finish my Semester 2 finals. And then it was just waiting for IPSOS to reply my internship application, while applying for other internships (DiGi) and voluntary work (Hospis Malaysia - which I didn't pursue furthur & SUKA society - which I just gave my contact information and areas I would like to contribute in). Finally, through a friend sharing an job ad with me, I got into a fashion magazine / events company.

Then, my awesome Shanghai trip, which I have yet to write a review about (due to my procrastination & laziness) - it's two months post-vacation already. It's not so easy to blog I guess, the determination to post regularly and ability to come out with great inspirations and ideas to write about, not just food, drinks and entertainment. My hope is to have a blog with multiple niche areas here. Hopefully, in the future, I will have guest bloggers who can contribute to the various categories, such as F&B, Travel, Film/Product/Food Reviews, Personal Development & Psychology, areas that I am passionate about.

After my internship was over in mid-February, I slowly got myself ready and all prepped up to study for my second year of University! Yes!!

Now, it's probably time to refocus on my studies and prepare to start the semester for 2015.

Here are the subjects I will take in the upcoming semester:
1) Developmental and Biological Psychology
2) Research Design and Analysis
3) Research Methods in Communications and Media Studies
4) Film Studies

It was a regret that I did not pick Film Studies last year and chose Journalism (which is a headache subject). But there's another concern here.

Scenario 1:
If I were to do Film Studies, and I don't know for sure if I am gonna score for the subject - meaning HD. I am not a kiasu here. But now I need to fight for as many HDs as possible. I need to absolutely get a 3.0 CGPA and above.

Scenario 2
I take an easy unit like Learning in Higher Education and score for it. But maybe it's less fun... and make my RM3000+ (amount paid per subject) not so worth it.

Timetable from Allocate just came out today and out of 4 preferences, I got 3 of them. I have to say, this year's time slots are quite unfavorable. Big gaps between one class and another.

Well, what could I do?

see ya soon!

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