Sunday, 6 September 2015

Food Review #4: Eating Fresh Oysters from Queen Vic Market

Have you eaten any food raw? You perhaps enjoy the delicious and fantastic sashimi at a Japanese restaurant which often require the expertise of a Japanese chef to make. Unless you and me make them often and practise enough, I doubt we can make them taste exceptional.

I took the opportunity of this Sunday morning to go to Queen Victoria Market to see what's on super discount. I was told by a friend that on Sundays before 3pm almost all stalls will be selling things at crazy cheap prices. So, I went to the market almost every Sunday since I arrived at Melbourne in July.

This trip, I had a special goal in mind. It was to shop for ingredients to make DIY bath scrubs, which I will write on in another post soon. This was inspired by a lady named Wei who conducted a workshop on how to make these skincare products as gifts or for personal use at the Melbourne International Students Conference held for two days this weekend.

So, after I grab the other stuff like lemon pepper chicken, Salmon fillets, poppy seeds, sweet almond oil, olive oil and lavendar essential oil, I saw these beautiful oysters, a dozen of them in each tray. They were sold in several stalls at roughly the same price, $13-$14 a tray.

I asked one of the sellers, pointing on the oysters, "How should I eat it?", he said "just eat it like that, straight away. I can give you lemons as well". I was excited, because all oysters I have eaten are either like the ones they have here but cooked or the small ones put into Hokkien Mee. So, courageously, I bought half a dozen and silently hope eating them raw won't poison me.

Went home, took out the tray and started to squeeze some lemon juice on them. They looked super fresh, with a sniff I seemed to be able to smell the ocean...

I thought it would take me 2 days to slowly eat them, but to my surprise, it taste so good that I slided each oyster into my mouth, chew and swallow it, thought to myself "this is so delicious!" and unfortunately or fortunately repeated the process for 5 times and finished them!!

I have absolutely no idea how much cholesterol I am gonna get eating 6 oysters at one go, but it certainly was a cool experience. With some lemon juice on them, it brings more flavour to the oysters. Apparently, oysters taster better during colder months as it's fresh from the sea, still cold and everything.

So, now is your turn to try it!! Let me know in the comments below what you think about your experience eating oysters raw and also how have you seasoned your oysters!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Psychology Honours, Masters, PhD, Doctorates and Combined postgraduate programs in Australia

Hi all,

For those who are interested in doing Honours (4th year) in Psychology and beyond, here's a compilation of all APAC accredited programs in Australia, which can save you heaps of research. It's my own Excel file but feel free to share with your friends but do give credit to me and link it back to this blog!

Australia Psychology Honours & Postgrad courses


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New stage in life: UniMelb journey in Aussieland!

So yesterday, I just got my results for Semester 1, 2015 and officially am done with my 3rd semester at Monash University Malaysia. Yesterday was a Small let-down-Big joy-Small let-down day.

Set my alarm clock at 7am, tried to wake up but just snoozed my alarm as usual.. After a while, I finally pulled my lazy body out of the bed and check on WES (a website where our exam results are released). P.S. I even put a paper in front of my computer screen so that I can slowly move the paper downwards so as to not shock / surprise myself all at once. But, as I waited for the page to load, I find it ridiculously slow... The page kept saying "This webpage is not available." for a couple of times as refresh it.

Soon, I realised it's gonna take a while, it probably crashed due to the high number of log ins - Small let-down. Then I moved on to open my Facebook page, specifically the "Monash Uni Network" group to ask around to see if others have already accessed their results. Turns out two of my friends have already gotten their results. I was getting more anxious and jittery lol.. As I had applied to transfer to the University of Melbourne, I've been having dreams AND nightmares about this exam results as it would determine whether or not I am accepted. For example, I was at MCF camp a couple of weeks ago, and on Day 2, I had a dream about me seeing my University of Melbourne letter saying that I am not accepted into the uni.... Oh god... Then, of course on the exam release date itself (13 July AKA yesterday), I had another interesting dream consisting of two parts. Part 1 was me getting a result of 85% - Wow, great HD. Second part was me getting 47% - a horrible N /ungraded.
So many "dreams", maybe Freud's Interpretation of dreams technique could come in handy.

When I finally was able to access my results using a link a kind person provided on the "Monash Uni Network" group, I discovered that my this sem's results were higher than my conservative estimates! I wouldn't tell you guys here what I got, but in summary it was from a bunch of Cs to HD. Yay! What a joy! :)

Official Academic Transcript until Sem 1, 2015

OK, that's the Big joy. About 30 minutes later, I received an email from my agent, Nicole from AUG Subang Jaya, which consists of the reply of the Undergraduate Admissions person in UniMelb regarding my credit transfer. I was told that "Faculty has confirmed that upon successfully meeting the offer condition, student will be eligible for 100 points of credit. Credit details will be included in the full offer once the student has met the offer condition". This was a disappointment, as 4 subjects (1 semester worth) will not be accepted for credit = I will need to redo 4 subjects!! = I will most likely graduate later than 21 years old unless I do Summer /Winter units. :( This was yet again another small-let-down.

My expectation was that they would take 10-11 subjects out of the 12 that I completed, due to the mismatch of Developmental and Biological Psychology & Research Design and Analysis (Monash) with Developmental Psychology & Biological Psychology (UniMelb) subjects. But... it was not the case.

Now, that everything that I need to do regarding the application is done, all I can do is to hope that they accept credits for my this semester results, as I did quite fantastic! (hoping my wish come through day and night...)


People (combi of family & friends) ask me, what do you feel now that you are gonna leave for Aus? Anxious, excited, or what?

Honestly, I was just ruminating whether or not I will make it (70% average) as I approach final exams and after exams period till two days ago. Now... honestly, I am neither super excited or anxious really. just _________. (fill in the blank space) "As usual" isn't the right word either.

I wouldn't label myself being in an emotional state, rather I'm sort of in a mode of planning, thinking, sorting out, organising stuff, learning tips & tricks and training my discipline. That is somewhat what I have been doing for the past few weeks.

I am adjusting from disbelief that I have finished 1.5 years (omg! time flies feeling) to embracing the new semester ahead. With everything being new to me, the people, the places, the culture, the food, the syllabus and how things work at UniMelb compared to Monash. Wow, level up from being spoon-fed back in Malaysia, to surviving shitz.. (whateva that lies ahead) independently abroad.

Even at this stage, days from departure, I barely know how to cook simple stuff, I am confident somehow I will be able to trial-n-error there and make myself ensure healthy survival in the Winter!

Finally, I want to say a personal thank you for all my friends here in Monash, I am blessed to know you all. I hope we can continue to keep in touch in the future though I want to spend more quality time with you all but unfortunately I will have to move on to a new stage of my Uni life. Also thank you to those who take time out to go outing with me during this sem break.. Appreciation all to you guys!! To other friends who I would love to catch up but didn't have the time, I will see you soon kayz? We shall meet again.

Enough of rant here lol, anyways, definitely gonna miss friends and family here in Malaysia. And I shall be back!



Thursday, 11 June 2015

When Others are more Important than Yourself: 2015 Sabah earthquake Heroes

Rescue team managed to save a boy (Photo credits: The Malaysian Insider)

An earthquake with a 5.9 magnitude (Malaysian Metereological Department) struck Mount Kinabalu on 5 June, taking the lives of 18 people, as of 10 June 2015. 

Among the 18 deaths, six Malaysians, nine Singaporeans and one each from the Philippines, China and Japan. Most of the victims were from Tanjong Katong Primary School (TKPS) in Singapore. Singapore had also named June 8 the Day of Remembrance for the victims. During the Southeast Asia Games on 8 June, flags were at half mast and the audience observed a minute of silence. The student from TKPS took a route known as the Via ferrata ("iron road" in Italian), which was supposedly a safe route according to my aunt who is a tour guide, but it was one of the worst-hit areas in this incident.

Among the rescuers who sacrificed their lives to save others, were Robbi Sapinggi, Valerian Joannes, Joseph Selungin and Ricky Masirin. These warriors, if I can call them so, are mountain guides and mountain trainers, whose responsibilities include ensuring the climbers' safety. Day in, day out, they do what they do, ensuring the last person catches up with the others ahead, ensuring the person is doing alright and able to continue. I personally experienced the care from a guide when I was hiking Broga Hill with my MUVP (volunteer program) mates last year. Well, I was the last to reach the top and it felt great having someone by my side when I could barely catch my breath and felt extremely exhausted.

Life is precious, nothing in their job scope indicated that they ought to risk their lives to save others, yet they did. Knowing that you may die, would you do such an heroic act to save others? There is no right or wrong in this situation. One may choose to flee because other things matter more than these children whom the person is not related to by blood -- this choice is acceptable. Family may take centre stage in these trainers' lives, or maybe other aspects such as working towards achieving dreams, aspirations and hopes. Robbi Sapinggi, was 31, Ricky Masirin, 28, Valerian Joannes, 27 and the youngest of the four, Muhammad Daanish Amran was 22. At these ages, one is at its peak of the career. One may settle down with a spouse, have children, advance his career, whatever it may be. It's a great age to be at.

Let us honour and respect to these men, and learn from them, to be courageous, compassionate and selfless.

Latest updates:

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I9190 Review

At the beginning of last year, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini after deciding to 'boikot' (stop) using Apple phones. I got a pretty good deal at RM1400 at Giant mall, Puchong with free memory, 'diamond' screen protector and all the usual stuff. Aspects that attracted me was the size. It was small enough to just fit my hand, as I could never possibly feel comfortable with its larger sibling. Then there was the great graphics as well, not sure of its technical terms but whatever..
After half a year or so, it started lagging, firstly the memory space was not enough at 8GB. This mistake cannot be rectified as even though I have an external SD card, many apps cannot be transferred into it. Furthermore, I don't even have that many apps. It was around 30?

Then as time passes, things took a turn for the worst. Messaging started to lag and the battery drains so fast like nobody's business. Eg: I have it at 80% in the morning, and after my lectures at uni approximately at 2pm, it dropped till 40%. It can't even last a day!! I don't use it to play games, just check Whatsapp and use Gallery and capturing photos. 

Concerned of my situation with my phone, my dad, being a loyal customer to Sony, suggested me to get the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. All my life I only used Nokia, iPhone and Samsung. So, I thought why not give it a try. However, as we heard of a guy that sells the latest iPhone RM700 less than the RRP, we purchased it immediately. Yesterday I received my new iPhone 6, it's slightly larger than my hand so I probably will not be able to turn it 180 degrees as swiftly as before. 

With iPhone, there are always its drawbacks, being exclusive and special in terms of incompatibility with Adobe and other restrictions. I got this very pretty and cool earphones from the box, normally RRP: RM70. Can't wait to get a new Simcard and get started. It is my hope that I can use it for at least 2-3 years. Then it will be much more worth it.

Maxis iPhone 6 price (cheapest deal for 24 months contract):
16GB - RM 1539
64GB - RM1899
128GB - RM2259
I need to double-check how much my dad bought the iPhone 6 and let you guys know very soon! 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Movie Review: The Lazarus Effect (Part 1)

So, I decided that I want to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service two weeks ago (sorry for this long overdue post). Just nice I was photostating a book at Mun Xiuan bookshop outside of Sunway University side gate, I walked all the way from Monash to that bookshop due to lack of transport to SS15, a cheaper alternative at 4 sen a page.

I so happen to plan nicely how my schedule to Sunway University then Sunway Pyramid would lay out and how I will be able to make it for the show at 2:45pm. I was running a little late, but that was nothing to be worry about as there are always advertisements before the movie.

After I passed the book to photostat, I rushed to Pyramid as fast as possible. Unfortunately, a long queue awaits me at TGV. Second unfortunate thing is Kingsman was sold out. :( all that great word-of-mouth... probably I would have missed something great.

Luckily I had made furthur research on the latest films, one of them was The Lazarus Effect, Lazarus for short.

Date watched: 6 March, Friday
Time: 2:45pm
Venue: TGV Cinemas, Sunway Pyramid

What got me motivated to watch this? 
1. I decided that watching more horror movies would train my ability to sustain the suspense(s) and surprise(s), prominent characteristics of horror, so that I can safely ride through Shutter, a Thai horror film which will be screened towards the end of my semester as part of my Film Studies subject. So far I have watched Insidious and Annabelle, so far so good.

2. The story of Lazarus being raised from the dead by Jesus as depicted in the Bible attracted me to discover how does this film use this element as its theme and what kind of plot it will bring to us.

Summary of plot (Spoiler alert)
Frank (Mark Duplass) is a researcher who initially intended to find ways to cure coma - a condition marked by unresponsiveness of a person for more than eight hours and he had received a grant from the university.

However, like Frank puts it, great things were discovered by accidents, i.e. the discovery of Penicillin, an antibiotic. A serum, code-named as Lazarus, created by the team of four, excluding the videographer, remarkably raised a dead dog, named Rocky.

The serum was supposed to dissipate in Rocky's brain after a few hours but it was not the case. Meanwhile, the dean of the university found out about Frank and his team's underground animal trials, and immediately a pharmaceutical company who bought over the organisation that was funding Frank and seized all their equipments and key cards.

The team decided to replicate the experiment in hopes to claim ownership / copyright of the serum, however Zoe (Olivia Wilde), Frank's fiancee was electrocuted. Despite the aggressive behavior shown by Rocky as a reaction to the serum and the fact that the experiment was still at the stage of animal trials, Frank boldly attempt to 'revive' Zoe from the dead.

Zoe who 'rose' from the dead began exhibiting strange yet extraordinary behavior, such as able to control movement of objects, electricity (similar idea as Lucy), able to know others' thoughts and predict them before they say it. Fueled by a desire to kill to make herself normal again, we soon discover that her younger self, let's call her Zoe junior was unable to 'crossover' to the other side of the door, one in which the people in her building were stuck under due to the fire.

Frank and the rest of the team, except Niko (Donald Glover) and Clay (Evan Peters) who were killed attempted to kill Zoe using a syringe loaded with a poison used to kill lab animals.

Zoe junior opened the door and walked over to the other side as persuaded by Eva (Sarah Bolger). Their attempts failed in vain. Zoe apologises to Eva for what she had done, she dies (or appear to be). Firemen rushed to save them, however at close-up of a fireman facing Eva, it turned out to be Zoe, who had now went through dead-alive-dead-alive.

My experience
With almost all other viewers with partners hence clinging onto one another during moments of suspense leading up to the scares, I watched Lazarus alone and had only my own mental endurance to rely one. Always keeping in mind that the movie is a fiction and just imagining myself dissociated from the movie, as in not in it helps lessen the scary factor. Lazarus' plot kept me engaged most of the time. I would say it did a reasonably good job for its horror elements. The cast was excellent, Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass made the story seemed believable. But the plot lacked creativity.

Was it scary? / Horror rating: 3/10
Overall: 5/10
Would I recommend Lazarus? Not something that you will miss if you don't watch. For entertainment and a little chiller effect, it does reasonably well. Insidious is much better. Plot was so-so. Elements of Lazarus can be seen in other films as well, i.e. Black colour-filled pupils (Insidious), Lazarus project name (Interstellar), exceptional abilities (Lucy).

That's all from me for now.
Stay tuned for my furthur analysis in Part 2.  :)

Monday, 2 March 2015

10 Things Pure Focusing Can Do For You

Your conscious mind is the goal setter, your unconscious mind is the goal-getter.

This is one of the learnings from the NLP Licensed Practitioner course I attended back in January. 

A quote from NLP for Life states the following:
Goal setting is a conscious, logical process while the Reticular Activation System (RAS) of the brain plays a vital part in ones ability to achieve goals via the unconscious mind. 

Let me tell you a funny incident that happened a few years ago in Australia that can certainly give you a perfect illustration.  

In 2010, I was on a vacation in Australia. One hot day I spotted a Boost Juice Bar along the streets. I was so fascinated by it and I wanted to go get a cup. But due to our schedule, I couldn't do so.

I still wanted to get it. For the following days, even though I was walking along with the others during our tour. I seemed to only notice the streets where they might have Boost. I searched literally frantically, just looking for them, not really caring about the street view, passerby etc. For example, after visiting the Old Melbourne Gaol on Russell Street even, I was thirsty, and I didn't even thought of drinking water, I just wanted to try Boost. 

So, finally one day I found a shop and bought one. It was delicious and a amazing thirst-quencher. The annoying part is after I came back to Malaysia, I found there was just one at the airport. But fortunately when I bought that one, it didn't taste as fresh as the one in Melbourne.

In my case, I consciously wants to look for a Boost Juice Bar. While my unconscious mind will show me Boost when my brain is exposed to millions of information per second. 

This learning from NLP helped me when I set my daily positive intentions. I am glad I went for the programme as I can now use it for my learning, communication with people, overcome limiting beliefs and many more. 

Despite the apparent contradiction with traditional psychology (I'm a Psych major by the way), I find it useful to view both approaches as tools to help us understand our world better. That will be another separate post for my views on all these. 

Methods of Focusing. 

You can do this several ways. I will put this into sequential steps to be followed as a guide.

 1. Deep breathings

I personally use the 4.2.4. method but you can modify it the way you feel at ease. Inhale through your diaphragm for 4 counts, slowly, and hold your breath for 2 counts and exhale for 4 counts. Do this 424 breathing for 5 -15 rounds, depending on how much time you have. This should calm your senses down. 

2. Eliminate distractions

Remove all the things that are stimulating your five senses unnecessarily, such as your handphone, tablet, the television, computer games, music etc. If you want to achieve something, be firm and do it.
Practise delayed gratification, where you delay something that is a reward or pleasurable to allow yourself to do something more important.

3. Set a Specific goal(s)
Goals have to be S.M.A.R.T. This is an acronym for
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic & Relevant
  • Time-based
If your goal doesn't have all of these, your unconscious mind will not be able bring you your results. 

4. Work out what you need to do
Write in a list and divide them into manageable parts. And plan when should the sections be completed

5. Work towards Success!!

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: If you notice your mind wander after a few minutes of maybe less than a minute, it's perfectly okay. You just re-focus. Be patient and practise makes perfect.

Benefits of Pure Focusing

  1. Eliminates anxiety, calm yourself down
  2. Increase self awareness
  3. Eliminate need of multitasking, which is proven ineffective here, here and here.
  4. Deliver extraordinary results
  5. Boost self confidence
  6. Allows coffee / tea / toilet breaks
  7. Fulfill your dreams in life, make them come true!
  8. Radical acceptance
  9. Perform better in marathons, not the 42KM run, but our life journeys
  10. Find your passion, your strengths, gifts and vocation

Finally, that's all from me and I hope you enjoy this short article.

Oh, one last thing, I would like to recommend a book that can help you tremendously in personal growth and create positive change. It's by Eckhart Tolle, titled The Power of Now. In Malaysia you can buy it from bookstores nationwide at around RM 46.90 or get the PDF here. I encourage you to read it with an open mind, regardless of your religious beliefs. 
A detailed methodology of life's most fundamental principles, practical application and amazing realizations.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Back to School 2015

So... Today's Tuesday and still in CNY mode, let me share a joke with you.

I was all ready to go for my piano class at 8:30am yesterday, my teacher and I planned a replacement class during CNY holidays.

I arrived at her house 10 minutes late, my usual Malaysian timing... a habit I have to kick sooner or later. I greeted Aunty (my teacher's mum) and she asked "Today got class ah?" in Mandarin. I am like "Duh!! (I scheduled with her wad..)

There I was sitting on the piano stool, facing the same old piano for the past four years. Practising my far-from-perfect Czerny drills.

Suddenly . My phone rang.

It was my teacher calling me, in her own house! Seriously??

The phone conversation went this way.

Me: Hi teacher?
Teacher: Hi Amy, are you in my house now?
Me: Yeah.
Teacher: Check back your Whatsapp, your class is tomorrow.
Me: Oh... (suddenly waking up from my rather blur absentmindedness) Yea, I remember seeing it on the 24th (Tuesday) but somehow I had the impression it was today.
Teacher: Sorry dear, I feel sorry for you. I can teach you today, but I've got some errands to run..
Me: (Mana boleh minta cikgu ajar lagi apabila salah saya kan?) - Translation: How can I ask teacher to teach me when it's my mistake?  It's okay, really. I will come again tomorrow. Bye.

Well, a rather unfunny joke isn't it?

That's not the only mistake regarding timings / appointments I made all these years. In fact, last month, when I was scheduled to be the Emcee for the monthly recital for the music academy I work in, I even arrived a week earlier on a Sunday (my working day la) thinking that it was the recital day just because I'd spoken to my boss over Whatsapp.  OMG!!! From Shah Alam to Puchong is quite far ok?? So I wasted petrol to and fro because of this silly mistake.

That's quite enough on my share of mistakes over these few months haha.. I am sure there will be more to come in the coming months lol.

Back to the topic of this post...

Time flies, at first I was pushing my way and persevering to finish my Semester 2 finals. And then it was just waiting for IPSOS to reply my internship application, while applying for other internships (DiGi) and voluntary work (Hospis Malaysia - which I didn't pursue furthur & SUKA society - which I just gave my contact information and areas I would like to contribute in). Finally, through a friend sharing an job ad with me, I got into a fashion magazine / events company.

Then, my awesome Shanghai trip, which I have yet to write a review about (due to my procrastination & laziness) - it's two months post-vacation already. It's not so easy to blog I guess, the determination to post regularly and ability to come out with great inspirations and ideas to write about, not just food, drinks and entertainment. My hope is to have a blog with multiple niche areas here. Hopefully, in the future, I will have guest bloggers who can contribute to the various categories, such as F&B, Travel, Film/Product/Food Reviews, Personal Development & Psychology, areas that I am passionate about.

After my internship was over in mid-February, I slowly got myself ready and all prepped up to study for my second year of University! Yes!!

Now, it's probably time to refocus on my studies and prepare to start the semester for 2015.

Here are the subjects I will take in the upcoming semester:
1) Developmental and Biological Psychology
2) Research Design and Analysis
3) Research Methods in Communications and Media Studies
4) Film Studies

It was a regret that I did not pick Film Studies last year and chose Journalism (which is a headache subject). But there's another concern here.

Scenario 1:
If I were to do Film Studies, and I don't know for sure if I am gonna score for the subject - meaning HD. I am not a kiasu here. But now I need to fight for as many HDs as possible. I need to absolutely get a 3.0 CGPA and above.

Scenario 2
I take an easy unit like Learning in Higher Education and score for it. But maybe it's less fun... and make my RM3000+ (amount paid per subject) not so worth it.

Timetable from Allocate just came out today and out of 4 preferences, I got 3 of them. I have to say, this year's time slots are quite unfavorable. Big gaps between one class and another.

Well, what could I do?

see ya soon!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me Live in Malaysia 2015

Heard lots from Vanessa Mae, Kyla-Rose Smith and Eric Stanley? Maybe it's time to check out American violinist Lindsey Stirling!

"Shatter Me" is her second album and was released in just less than a month after "Beyond the Veil", her first album on April 21st, 2014. 

Live in Malaysia this coming March 8th, Stirling will be having her Shatter Me world tour. 

Event: Lindsey Stirling – Shatter Me Live in Malaysia 2015
Date & Time: 4th March 2015, 8:30PM
Venue: Level 4, Bentley Music Auditorium, Wisma Bentley Music, 3, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara.
Tickets: RM288 

Where to buy:
Galaxy Ticketing Counters at:
1) Mid Valley
Add: Suite 23-2, The Boulevard, Mid-Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 2282 2020

2) Sungei Wang
Add: Concourse Level, Sungei Wang Plaza.
Tel: 03 2282 2020
Daily 12pm - 9pm

One interesting story about Stirling, In 2010, when she was a quarter-finalist on the fifth season of America's Got Talent, she was described as a "hip hop violinist" and her performances were dubbed "electrifying" by the judges which too, won the acclaim of the audience. 

But as she attempted to step up her game by dancing while playing the violin in her quarter-final performance, judge Piers Morgan told her: "You're not untalented, but you're not good enough to get away with flying through the air and trying to play the violin at the same time." while Sharon Osbourne said: "You need to be in a group. ... What you're doing is not enough to fill a theater in Vegas."

Ouch isn't it? It must sting for Stirling, but look! What got her having 1.3 million views on the first day of Shatter Me's release? She became so famous on Youtube!

Here are more stunning pictures of her:

And finally.... Here the seating plan (maybe not) for all those music / classical / hip-hop / dance lovers. And tourists in Malaysia, here's your golden opportunity to enjoy exhilarating performance at a low price, considering converting from USD, British pounds or other European countries.