Sunday, 28 December 2014

Nail Polish Review: Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2

Being on summer break (as they call it in Monash Australia), I had much time to spare. Plus, with my Christmas present from my aunt, you can read about it here, I am so into manicure now, with all the fantastic ways to create unique nail art, colour combination and the fact that mani and pedi will be my platform to show off my creativity..... oh gosh (taking a deep breath), excites me, fuels me and inspires me.

I got my hands on them several days after I received it, AND just to let you know, I am a total newbie in doing manicure, hence I am taking every opportunity to practise and try out new looks.

A brief intro:

Ciate London

Founder: Charlotte
Product: Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2
Retail Price: RM 89.00
Imported to Malaysia by: Beauty In Motion Sdn Bhd
4 Paint pots (White, Pink, Light Blue and Red)
4 Caviar pearls

Let's get the photos rolling...

Fun Fair with Fatal Attraction caviar pearls on thumb and pinky. 
Source of inspiration: Desire for combination look rather than the same design for each nail; Love for PINK
Done on: 20 December 2014

Blue x White
Snow Virgin with Front Row caviar pearls on index, middle and ring fingers and ferris wheel on thumb and pinky.
Meaning: Purify, peaceful and relaxing

Left hand: Nails Inc.
This is a little special, I went to Sephora at Paradigm Mall and tried this colour. It's a gel manicure and it really did wonders for my nails. I am frankly an amateur in manicures and I could make it PERFECT!! And when I say that, I am not exaggerating. 

Why this colour? New year is just round the corner, I thought of boosting the new year atmosphere with a fierce, auspicious and striking look.

Right hand: Mistress on all fingers with Wild Fire caviar pearls on the ring finger. 

What's so good about Ciate Caviar Mini Bar?
  • Easy application
  • Excellent quality
  • Interesting concept of Caviars
  • Attractive and sweet packaging
What's bad about Ciate Caviar Mini Bar?
  • Price is not very affordable for students like me when the price is RM 11 per mini nail polish.

  • Definitely in my To-Buy list and will recommend to friends. 

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