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Event Review #2: Markets Fourteen @The School, Jaya One

Markets Fourteen was back once more last Saturday with 69 vendors consisting of boutiques, food trucks, accessories, handmade products, heels and more.

It was my first time attending Markets and was amazed by how organised the booths were. What I observe matched what the vendors say.

Goodies bags were given from 11am onwards for the first 1500 visitors. I arrived at 11:30am and got a goodie bag for myself. 

The awesome food stalls caught my eye at the first instant. I did some research earlier on the food stalls available, so I was all for it!!

Food Trucks
1) Crazy Potato
2) Otea
3) Wheeloaf
4) Spagme
5) Babaritos

6) Oh My Fruit Juice
7) Cowboys Food truck

Checking out each food truck and what they sell, the prices etc, I happen to meet a few friends who came to shop during the college / university break. Already entering all promotions for the day such as Free Waffles, Special Sales Hours etc into my brain, I stopped by Vvaffle operated by Vvaffle Trading Sdn Bhd. As expected there was a long queue for the Mini Waffles they will give. 200 portions were the capacity. Upon furthur inquiry, I found out that they have a shop at P1.041, The School, Jaya One, right in the building and also the Waffles that they give FOC are actually selling in bigger size at RM 10.00 per piece. 

Near the goodie bag collection area / registration counter, one will not miss the big shark mascot going around informing passerby about the coming extinction of sharks due to high demand of shark-fin to make the delicious Chinese delicacy - Shark fin soup which is usually served in special occasions such as weddings, CNY celebration and banquets. 

There is also this brand called bisou, it was opened by Dr Shelby, a artificier and blogger. Her booth had this really lively and positive vibe that I feel all the people around her booth feel the same as well. Bisou products are really cute. I always believe excellent product design will bring the company forward faster as it gives the customers the ultimate first impression. It is a make it or break it moment. Design wise, pleasant to the eye, makes you feel you are valued as a potential user. Dr Shelby was kind enough to introduce to me the different products they have including lip gloss, bath scrub, bath salt, body scrub, mosquito repellent, natural bar soap and many more. 

As I stop by Peanut Butter Factory KL which sells artisan peanut butter, I decided to take a sample from them. Being a total newbie in FMCG products and their value in the market, I did not know how to judge whether or not the product is expensive or cheap. 

Peanut Butter Factory KL booth set up by a pair of sisters, Rachel and Alina, both young and daring.

They have two (2) ranges: Artisan Peanut Butter and Premium. Under Artisan there are Smooth (RM15), Chunky (RM15),  Kaya & Peanut Butter (RM18), Cranberry (RM20), Omega 3 (RM25), Chocolate Chip (RM22) and Peanut Butter & Jelly (RM 23). On the other hand, Premium range consist of Cashew Butter (RM28), Almond Butter (RM25), Hazelnul Choc (RM23) and Granola. 

As you can see above, I bought two jars of peanut butter, both are their bestsellers, namely Chocolate Chip and Omega 3. In conjunction with the Christmas season, they gave a small container of Chunky peanut butter. 

A review on this product is done here. Feel free to have a look, share your thoughts and share it with your friends. 

Claire Organics was also one of the highlighted booths of the day as they have a Special Sales hour whereby all products are selling at 50 PERCENT discount. What a worthwhile offer!

Louise, the founder created and launched Claire Organics in 2012 as she realised that the market was saturated with products with chemicals that are detrimental to our health. Claire products include skincare, lipcare, haircare, and uses natural ingredients and are chemical-free. 

Lavender Oatmeal Sea Salt Scrub. I love calming and soothing products so I chose this Lavender one. Read the review here 

Lavender Bar Soap. All natural with lavender fragrance. RM 19.90
Read my review here. 

I was so happy to see Juize By Five at Markets as they came to Monash, my university to sell their product in our bazaar in the middle of the year. I bought a blue iPad bag, customised it with anchor and love charms and also my name embrossed on dark blue material which I think cost around RM50. 

On the sideline, I am currently in a Copybook craze where I collect pretty books for note-taking purposes (in University lectures), ideas brainstorming, blogging posts hence I dropped by at Notbook Notbuk operated by Notbook Notbuk Ventures. An interesting name, isn't it? They sell personalised notebooks, custom made paper goods, provide printing service, graphic design, wedding & party favors and bulk / wholesale purchases. Some include journals, organiser, blank notebooks, books with lines etc. Multi-colour, a wide range of choices and reasonable prices. 

Overall, the event was very well done, although many vendors say that the crowd is lesser and slower compared to Markets 13 and previous Markets. 

Benefits gained: Fashion brands awareness, know how to converse with different vendors, analytical skills

Things I could have improved: Do not wear heels. Lesson learnt as I was there from 11:30am to 3:30pm, resulted in my ankles having blisters due to friction. 

Take home message: Observing the age group of the vendors, truly building a business has no boundaries unless mentally you construct a cage and lock yourself inside. Numerous people have started business at a young age, mostly around 24 - 28 years old. So, I will remind myself daily my goals in life, take it step-by-step and always believe that riding through problems like waves in sea will strengthen myself and push myself to greater heights. 

Upcoming event will be the Chinese New Year festival from 19th January to 17 February organised by Markets at The School, Jaya One. 

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