Thursday, 4 December 2014

FX Primus Sharing Session with Kevin

It's been quite a while since I attended an inspirational talk of some sort LIVE. Today is a great day because of a sharing session that Mr Kevin from FXPrimus has conducted in Taylor's Subang Jaya, a college that I graduated from last year. It is an event of RM10 as donations to fund Angels Warriors Initiative 's community project for the unprivileged. 

No point beating around the bush, what you are reading here would be a short and concise reflection of the talk and what I have learnt from it.

With his confidence and humility, he shared down-to-earth experiences with us, willing to spend his precious time which could have been utilised for making deals, increase revenue etc. One thing I felt was sincerity and focus on the now

Many of us tend to occupy our mind with either thinking back on yesterdays and yester-years OR worrying about tomorrow. The fact is that we cannot predict tomorrow or even the next minute. 

The gist of the talk / take-home message is as follows (added with some of my own experiences and understanding):

1. Setting goals
It has already been said too much about setting not just goals, but clearly defined goals: in some self-help books known as S.M.A.R.T.  
There are many variations to these but they mean similar things. 

If your goal is too big in the now, break it down into smaller, more achievable goals. So you can have several goals at the same time. BUT, this is a big but, you can only do one thing at a time. Personally, I also agree with the speaker, multi-tasking is bullshit, to be frank. 

2. Information ≠ Knowledge
In this modern, sophisticated, technology-driven society, gaining information is no longer an issue, I learnt so much online, even degrees can be obtained by online learning and distance learning. Now, they even have blended learning with Edmodo, Moodle, Blackboard and many other learning platforms. 

Indeed, we know a lot, but if these information don't translate into practical knowledge and application. They are useless. 

3. Visualise
Visualisation has proven effective in helping athletes achieve greater heights. They need to visualise how they will counteract the opponent's tactics and strategies. Hence, visualising your dreams and goals daily can help tremendously in your personal growth. 

Personal thoughts:
I strongly feel that the intelligence that our ancestors have and what we have now is identical. It's just that the environment in which Gen X, Gen Y and the Gen Z live in has had a paradigm shift. So, there is no question of the ability of one person to achieve his or her goals, it's a matter of a conscious choice

You can be poor and depressed and your environment and surrounding may go against you, but it is still a choice if you stay (insert your condition)  for the next 2-3 years. Internal change is always possible

That's all people. Overall, an amazing sharing from Kevin. And I express my heartfelt gratitude to those who invited me to the event. 

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