Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas present!! Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2 Nail Polish Gift Set

Last week, I planned with my aunt to go shopping together on Monday (15 Dec) as I don't really have proper nail polish or beauty products. But because I took up an internship which starts on that day, we couldn't carry out with the plan.

To my surprise, yesterday when I came back from my work at 9pm due to overtime, there was this pretty Sephora bag on my table in my room!! I knew instantly it was from my aunt. Already excited, I grabbed it and opened the bag. And another small gift bag appeared. Oh god the suspense! Then, I found the Ciate gift set.

Inside, there are four mini nail polishes (white, light blue, light pink and red) in the first row and another four glitters for their respective colours. With this, you can create 16 combinations of nail polish. How amazing is that!!

Tadaa! There will be lots of reviews on the nail polishes when I paint my nails with these cute little colours. Stay tuned.

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