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Amy's 2014 Cosmetics, Skincare and Haircare Products Overview + Review

As the year 2014 is coming to a close, I want to share with you what are the products I use throughout the year. This article will be divided into three sections: Make-up / Cosmetics, Skincare and Haircare. In those sections, I will provide the name of products used, the duration used and the reason I changed to another product.

The reviews will be slowly updated here with links to the individual review post. I will first provide company, its contact and product information, ingredients, followed by price (if I remember), some background on how I bought / got it and finally my opinions on the product. 

Disclaimer: Even though some of the products may be sponsored (will be stated), I did not receive any monetary benefits from the company and my reviews will always be my honest opinions. 

Make-up / Cosmetics

Brand: Maybelline New York
Name: Compact two-way cake foundation
Duration of use: January - March 

Brand: L'oreal Paris 
Name: le teint True Match Super-Blendable Foundation
Specification: R2 Apricot Ivory (liquid foundation)
Volume: 30ml
Shelf-life: 12 months
Duration of use: 3-4 months (still in use)
Price: Approx RM45 / RM50

Brand: Silkygirl
Name: Perfect Cover Concealer
Specification: 01 Light
Duration of use: 3-4 months (still in use)

Brand: Silkygirl
Name: Shimmer Duo Blusher
Specification: Blushing Pink
Weight: 4g
Duration of use 3-4 months (still in use)

Brand: Silkygirl
Specification: 29 Diva Moisture Rich
Duration of use: 3-4 months 

Brand: NYX
Range: Butter gloss
Volume / Capacity: 8ml / 0.27 fl. oz.
Specification: BLG01 Strawberry Parfait
Duration of use: Since May 2014

Eye Shadow
Brand: Silkygirl
Name: Blockbuster Color Palette
Specification: Classic Chic
Weight: 5g
Duration of use: 3-4 months (still in use)

Eye pencil / Eyeliner
Brand: Daiso Japan
Name: ElleFar Eye
Specification: Black and Brown
Duration of use: occassionally
Price: RM 5

Brand: Silkygirl
Name: Hi-Definition Gel Eyeliner Pen
Specification: 01 Intense Black 
-waterproof, smudge-proof, fragrance-free
Duration of use: occasionally 

Brand: Elianto
Name: Curvee Eyeliner Pen
Specification: Black & For Beginners
Volume / Capacity: 0.4ml / 0.014 fl. oz.
Duration of use: Since 25 December
Price: Retail - RM33; Bought: RM

Eyelash Curler
Brand: Daiso Japan
Duration of use: Rarely
Price: RM 5

Double eye-lid stickers
Brand: Daiso Japan
Amount: 20 pairs
Duration of use: Rarely
Price: RM 5

Brand: Maybelline New York
Name: Volum' Express the FALSiES
Specification: Waterproof Black
Duration of use: occasionally

Make-up Brushes
Brand: MEGAGA Professional
Recommended by: My make-up artist teacher, Piper Chuah
Amount: 10 brushes 

Brush Cleanser
Brand: Daiso Japan
Price: RM 5

Make-up Remover
Lip and Eye makeup remover
Brand: L'oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise
Name: Gentle Lip and eye make-up remover 
Specification: For waterproof make-up
Volume: 125ml

Makeup Remover
Brand: Silkygirl
Name: Hydra Clean Makeup Remover 
Specification: For all skin types, Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Extract
Volume: 165ml

Brand: Bifesta
Name: Moist Cleansing Lotion
Specification: Dry & Normal Skin
Volume: 300ml
Duration of use: Since December 
Price: RM 31.80

Nail Polish
Brand: Ciate
Name: Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2
Volume / Capacity: 4X 5ml / 0.16 Fl. Oz.; 4x Net Weight 10g / 0.35 Oz
Content: 4 colors, 4 caviars, 1 funnel
Duration of use: Since December
Shelf Life: 24 months


Body cleanser
Brand: The Aromatherapy Co. (New Zealand)
Name: Lavender & Chamomile Bath & Shower Gel
Volume / Capacity: 200ml / 6.8 Fl. Oz
Shelf Life: 24 months
Duration of use: First half of the year

Brand: The Body Shop
Name: Mango Soap
Volume / Capacity: 100ml / 3.5 Oz.
Duration of use: Middle part of the year
Price: RM11.90

Brand: Claire organics
Name: Lavender soap
Duration of use: Unused
Price: Sponsored

Face cleanser
Brand: Clean & Clear
Name: Daily soft cleanser
Weight: 100g
Duration of use: January - November
Brand: Cetaphil (Gladerma)
Name: Gentle Skin Cleanser
Volume: 1 L
Duration of use: Since December
Price: RM 64.80

Brand: Hada Labo
Name: Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion
Volume: 170ml
Duration of use: Since December
Price: RM 41.60

Hand wash
Brand: Fruiser
Name: Moisturizing Hand wash
Specification: Aloe Vera
Volume: 500ml
Shelf Life: 36 months (Till 2016)

Hand and Body Lotion
Brand: The Aromatherapy Co.
Name: Lavender&Chamomile Hand&Body Lotion
Volume / Capacity: 200ml / 6.8 Fl. Oz.
Shelf Life: 24 months
Duration of use: January to November

Brand: Deoproce
Name: Snail Recovery Moisture Hand & Foot Moisturizer
Volume: 100mg
Shelf Life: 3 years (Till 2017)
Duration of Use: Since December

Body scrubs
Brand: The Body Shop
Name: Strawberry Body Polish
Volume / Capacity: 200ml / 6.75 Fl. Oz.
Shelf Life: 12 months
Duration of Use: Middle part of the year

Brand: Claire Organics
Name: Lavender Oatmeal sea salt scrub
Duration of use: Since December
Price: Sponsored

Brand: Rexona
Specification: Shower clean - all day freshness; 48 hour Anti-Perspirant Deodrant
Shelf Life: 24 months
Duration of use: First few months of the year

Brand: Smelly-No-More
Name: Natural Crystal Roll On Deodorant Stick
Specification: 24 hour anti-bacteria
Weight: 60g
Duration of use: 8 months (Still in use)
Price: RM6.90

Brand: Ciel Bijou
Name: Caviar
Volume: 25ml
Duration of use: Unused
Price: RM 4.70 (After discount - 20%)

Brand: Deoproce
Name: Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask
Specification White, Moist Anti-oxident Radiant Shea Butter & Rice
Weight: 20g
Price: RM 3.60 (After discount - 20%)


Brand: TRESemme
Name: Deep Cleansing shampoo
Specification: Cleanse & Replenish
Volume: 900ml
Duration of use: Several months
Price: Approx. RM 23

Brand: Himalaya Herbals
Name: Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Specification: Normal Hair
Volume: 400ml + 200ml (extra)
Duration of use: Since December
Price: RM 19.70

Brand: Dove
Name: Nourishing old care - nutri-oil serum
Specification: Advanced care and repair
Volume: 40ml
Duration of use: Whole year

Hair removal
Brand: Veet
Name: In shower Hair Removal Cream - Lotus Milk and Jasmine Fragrance
Specification: Normal skin
Volume: 150ml

That's all people, hope you gain some insights on some basic types of cosmetics, skincare and haircare products. The reviews will be posted very soon and this will be my Christmas gift for you!

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