Sunday, 28 December 2014

Event Review #2: Markets Fourteen @The School, Jaya One

Markets Fourteen was back once more last Saturday with 69 vendors consisting of boutiques, food trucks, accessories, handmade products, heels and more.

It was my first time attending Markets and was amazed by how organised the booths were. What I observe matched what the vendors say.

Goodies bags were given from 11am onwards for the first 1500 visitors. I arrived at 11:30am and got a goodie bag for myself. 

The awesome food stalls caught my eye at the first instant. I did some research earlier on the food stalls available, so I was all for it!!

Food Trucks
1) Crazy Potato
2) Otea
3) Wheeloaf
4) Spagme
5) Babaritos

6) Oh My Fruit Juice
7) Cowboys Food truck

Checking out each food truck and what they sell, the prices etc, I happen to meet a few friends who came to shop during the college / university break. Already entering all promotions for the day such as Free Waffles, Special Sales Hours etc into my brain, I stopped by Vvaffle operated by Vvaffle Trading Sdn Bhd. As expected there was a long queue for the Mini Waffles they will give. 200 portions were the capacity. Upon furthur inquiry, I found out that they have a shop at P1.041, The School, Jaya One, right in the building and also the Waffles that they give FOC are actually selling in bigger size at RM 10.00 per piece. 

Near the goodie bag collection area / registration counter, one will not miss the big shark mascot going around informing passerby about the coming extinction of sharks due to high demand of shark-fin to make the delicious Chinese delicacy - Shark fin soup which is usually served in special occasions such as weddings, CNY celebration and banquets. 

There is also this brand called bisou, it was opened by Dr Shelby, a artificier and blogger. Her booth had this really lively and positive vibe that I feel all the people around her booth feel the same as well. Bisou products are really cute. I always believe excellent product design will bring the company forward faster as it gives the customers the ultimate first impression. It is a make it or break it moment. Design wise, pleasant to the eye, makes you feel you are valued as a potential user. Dr Shelby was kind enough to introduce to me the different products they have including lip gloss, bath scrub, bath salt, body scrub, mosquito repellent, natural bar soap and many more. 

As I stop by Peanut Butter Factory KL which sells artisan peanut butter, I decided to take a sample from them. Being a total newbie in FMCG products and their value in the market, I did not know how to judge whether or not the product is expensive or cheap. 

Peanut Butter Factory KL booth set up by a pair of sisters, Rachel and Alina, both young and daring.

They have two (2) ranges: Artisan Peanut Butter and Premium. Under Artisan there are Smooth (RM15), Chunky (RM15),  Kaya & Peanut Butter (RM18), Cranberry (RM20), Omega 3 (RM25), Chocolate Chip (RM22) and Peanut Butter & Jelly (RM 23). On the other hand, Premium range consist of Cashew Butter (RM28), Almond Butter (RM25), Hazelnul Choc (RM23) and Granola. 

As you can see above, I bought two jars of peanut butter, both are their bestsellers, namely Chocolate Chip and Omega 3. In conjunction with the Christmas season, they gave a small container of Chunky peanut butter. 

A review on this product is done here. Feel free to have a look, share your thoughts and share it with your friends. 

Claire Organics was also one of the highlighted booths of the day as they have a Special Sales hour whereby all products are selling at 50 PERCENT discount. What a worthwhile offer!

Louise, the founder created and launched Claire Organics in 2012 as she realised that the market was saturated with products with chemicals that are detrimental to our health. Claire products include skincare, lipcare, haircare, and uses natural ingredients and are chemical-free. 

Lavender Oatmeal Sea Salt Scrub. I love calming and soothing products so I chose this Lavender one. Read the review here 

Lavender Bar Soap. All natural with lavender fragrance. RM 19.90
Read my review here. 

I was so happy to see Juize By Five at Markets as they came to Monash, my university to sell their product in our bazaar in the middle of the year. I bought a blue iPad bag, customised it with anchor and love charms and also my name embrossed on dark blue material which I think cost around RM50. 

On the sideline, I am currently in a Copybook craze where I collect pretty books for note-taking purposes (in University lectures), ideas brainstorming, blogging posts hence I dropped by at Notbook Notbuk operated by Notbook Notbuk Ventures. An interesting name, isn't it? They sell personalised notebooks, custom made paper goods, provide printing service, graphic design, wedding & party favors and bulk / wholesale purchases. Some include journals, organiser, blank notebooks, books with lines etc. Multi-colour, a wide range of choices and reasonable prices. 

Overall, the event was very well done, although many vendors say that the crowd is lesser and slower compared to Markets 13 and previous Markets. 

Benefits gained: Fashion brands awareness, know how to converse with different vendors, analytical skills

Things I could have improved: Do not wear heels. Lesson learnt as I was there from 11:30am to 3:30pm, resulted in my ankles having blisters due to friction. 

Take home message: Observing the age group of the vendors, truly building a business has no boundaries unless mentally you construct a cage and lock yourself inside. Numerous people have started business at a young age, mostly around 24 - 28 years old. So, I will remind myself daily my goals in life, take it step-by-step and always believe that riding through problems like waves in sea will strengthen myself and push myself to greater heights. 

Upcoming event will be the Chinese New Year festival from 19th January to 17 February organised by Markets at The School, Jaya One. 

Nail Polish Review: Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2

Being on summer break (as they call it in Monash Australia), I had much time to spare. Plus, with my Christmas present from my aunt, you can read about it here, I am so into manicure now, with all the fantastic ways to create unique nail art, colour combination and the fact that mani and pedi will be my platform to show off my creativity..... oh gosh (taking a deep breath), excites me, fuels me and inspires me.

I got my hands on them several days after I received it, AND just to let you know, I am a total newbie in doing manicure, hence I am taking every opportunity to practise and try out new looks.

A brief intro:

Ciate London

Founder: Charlotte
Product: Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2
Retail Price: RM 89.00
Imported to Malaysia by: Beauty In Motion Sdn Bhd
4 Paint pots (White, Pink, Light Blue and Red)
4 Caviar pearls

Let's get the photos rolling...

Fun Fair with Fatal Attraction caviar pearls on thumb and pinky. 
Source of inspiration: Desire for combination look rather than the same design for each nail; Love for PINK
Done on: 20 December 2014

Blue x White
Snow Virgin with Front Row caviar pearls on index, middle and ring fingers and ferris wheel on thumb and pinky.
Meaning: Purify, peaceful and relaxing

Left hand: Nails Inc.
This is a little special, I went to Sephora at Paradigm Mall and tried this colour. It's a gel manicure and it really did wonders for my nails. I am frankly an amateur in manicures and I could make it PERFECT!! And when I say that, I am not exaggerating. 

Why this colour? New year is just round the corner, I thought of boosting the new year atmosphere with a fierce, auspicious and striking look.

Right hand: Mistress on all fingers with Wild Fire caviar pearls on the ring finger. 

What's so good about Ciate Caviar Mini Bar?
  • Easy application
  • Excellent quality
  • Interesting concept of Caviars
  • Attractive and sweet packaging
What's bad about Ciate Caviar Mini Bar?
  • Price is not very affordable for students like me when the price is RM 11 per mini nail polish.

  • Definitely in my To-Buy list and will recommend to friends. 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Skincare Review: Claire Organics Lavender Oatmeal Sea Salt Scrub

TIPS: When you are stressed or going through a tough time, treat yourself a relaxing scrub! You deserve it. 

So, I got this sea salt scrub from Claire Organics' booth at Markets @ The School, Jaya One on the 20th which is exactly a week ago. I decided to only try it a few days ago since I only do exfoliating once every week or two.

Brand: Claire Organics
Type: Scrub / Exfoliator
Product: Lavender Oatmeal Sea Salt Scrub

An aspect important when choosing skincare products is the nature of the product. Descriptions like organic, natural, fragrance free, non-acetone (for nail polish remover), made with herbs are the ones you should look up for. 

For Claire Organics, it is a brand worth considering when you shop for skincare products. I try my best to get natural, well-researched, evidence-based and organic products even when it costs a little bit more. 

I chose this Lavender scrub as it says at the back of the bottle, that 

Lavender calms your senses while Oatmeal gently exfoliate and moisturise for even the most sensitive skin. Helps treating acne, eczema, rosacea, rashes and even relieve symptoms of aging skin.

My skin is usually dry and I have mild eczema on my foot. So, check! Worth a shot.


My legs were incredibly clean and smooth after the scrub. Love the scent as well, it gives the calming effect that you will need if you are just back from a stressful day at work. Being ORGANIC is just so awesome too!


Unfortunately, it didn't do much for my ezcema, maybe the salt is a bit rough on my skin. Well, everyone is different. It may not work for me but for you it may be effective. I always believe in trying out different products until you find one that works for you.


I will give it a 8/10, definitely want to try more of their other products. Will continue using it and be more gentle next time around. 

Don't know where to find Claire Organics?
Fret not! Follow them to get their latest updates here:

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Amy's 2014 Cosmetics, Skincare and Haircare Products Overview + Review

As the year 2014 is coming to a close, I want to share with you what are the products I use throughout the year. This article will be divided into three sections: Make-up / Cosmetics, Skincare and Haircare. In those sections, I will provide the name of products used, the duration used and the reason I changed to another product.

The reviews will be slowly updated here with links to the individual review post. I will first provide company, its contact and product information, ingredients, followed by price (if I remember), some background on how I bought / got it and finally my opinions on the product. 

Disclaimer: Even though some of the products may be sponsored (will be stated), I did not receive any monetary benefits from the company and my reviews will always be my honest opinions. 

Make-up / Cosmetics

Brand: Maybelline New York
Name: Compact two-way cake foundation
Duration of use: January - March 

Brand: L'oreal Paris 
Name: le teint True Match Super-Blendable Foundation
Specification: R2 Apricot Ivory (liquid foundation)
Volume: 30ml
Shelf-life: 12 months
Duration of use: 3-4 months (still in use)
Price: Approx RM45 / RM50

Brand: Silkygirl
Name: Perfect Cover Concealer
Specification: 01 Light
Duration of use: 3-4 months (still in use)

Brand: Silkygirl
Name: Shimmer Duo Blusher
Specification: Blushing Pink
Weight: 4g
Duration of use 3-4 months (still in use)

Brand: Silkygirl
Specification: 29 Diva Moisture Rich
Duration of use: 3-4 months 

Brand: NYX
Range: Butter gloss
Volume / Capacity: 8ml / 0.27 fl. oz.
Specification: BLG01 Strawberry Parfait
Duration of use: Since May 2014

Eye Shadow
Brand: Silkygirl
Name: Blockbuster Color Palette
Specification: Classic Chic
Weight: 5g
Duration of use: 3-4 months (still in use)

Eye pencil / Eyeliner
Brand: Daiso Japan
Name: ElleFar Eye
Specification: Black and Brown
Duration of use: occassionally
Price: RM 5

Brand: Silkygirl
Name: Hi-Definition Gel Eyeliner Pen
Specification: 01 Intense Black 
-waterproof, smudge-proof, fragrance-free
Duration of use: occasionally 

Brand: Elianto
Name: Curvee Eyeliner Pen
Specification: Black & For Beginners
Volume / Capacity: 0.4ml / 0.014 fl. oz.
Duration of use: Since 25 December
Price: Retail - RM33; Bought: RM

Eyelash Curler
Brand: Daiso Japan
Duration of use: Rarely
Price: RM 5

Double eye-lid stickers
Brand: Daiso Japan
Amount: 20 pairs
Duration of use: Rarely
Price: RM 5

Brand: Maybelline New York
Name: Volum' Express the FALSiES
Specification: Waterproof Black
Duration of use: occasionally

Make-up Brushes
Brand: MEGAGA Professional
Recommended by: My make-up artist teacher, Piper Chuah
Amount: 10 brushes 

Brush Cleanser
Brand: Daiso Japan
Price: RM 5

Make-up Remover
Lip and Eye makeup remover
Brand: L'oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise
Name: Gentle Lip and eye make-up remover 
Specification: For waterproof make-up
Volume: 125ml

Makeup Remover
Brand: Silkygirl
Name: Hydra Clean Makeup Remover 
Specification: For all skin types, Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Extract
Volume: 165ml

Brand: Bifesta
Name: Moist Cleansing Lotion
Specification: Dry & Normal Skin
Volume: 300ml
Duration of use: Since December 
Price: RM 31.80

Nail Polish
Brand: Ciate
Name: Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2
Volume / Capacity: 4X 5ml / 0.16 Fl. Oz.; 4x Net Weight 10g / 0.35 Oz
Content: 4 colors, 4 caviars, 1 funnel
Duration of use: Since December
Shelf Life: 24 months


Body cleanser
Brand: The Aromatherapy Co. (New Zealand)
Name: Lavender & Chamomile Bath & Shower Gel
Volume / Capacity: 200ml / 6.8 Fl. Oz
Shelf Life: 24 months
Duration of use: First half of the year

Brand: The Body Shop
Name: Mango Soap
Volume / Capacity: 100ml / 3.5 Oz.
Duration of use: Middle part of the year
Price: RM11.90

Brand: Claire organics
Name: Lavender soap
Duration of use: Unused
Price: Sponsored

Face cleanser
Brand: Clean & Clear
Name: Daily soft cleanser
Weight: 100g
Duration of use: January - November
Brand: Cetaphil (Gladerma)
Name: Gentle Skin Cleanser
Volume: 1 L
Duration of use: Since December
Price: RM 64.80

Brand: Hada Labo
Name: Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion
Volume: 170ml
Duration of use: Since December
Price: RM 41.60

Hand wash
Brand: Fruiser
Name: Moisturizing Hand wash
Specification: Aloe Vera
Volume: 500ml
Shelf Life: 36 months (Till 2016)

Hand and Body Lotion
Brand: The Aromatherapy Co.
Name: Lavender&Chamomile Hand&Body Lotion
Volume / Capacity: 200ml / 6.8 Fl. Oz.
Shelf Life: 24 months
Duration of use: January to November

Brand: Deoproce
Name: Snail Recovery Moisture Hand & Foot Moisturizer
Volume: 100mg
Shelf Life: 3 years (Till 2017)
Duration of Use: Since December

Body scrubs
Brand: The Body Shop
Name: Strawberry Body Polish
Volume / Capacity: 200ml / 6.75 Fl. Oz.
Shelf Life: 12 months
Duration of Use: Middle part of the year

Brand: Claire Organics
Name: Lavender Oatmeal sea salt scrub
Duration of use: Since December
Price: Sponsored

Brand: Rexona
Specification: Shower clean - all day freshness; 48 hour Anti-Perspirant Deodrant
Shelf Life: 24 months
Duration of use: First few months of the year

Brand: Smelly-No-More
Name: Natural Crystal Roll On Deodorant Stick
Specification: 24 hour anti-bacteria
Weight: 60g
Duration of use: 8 months (Still in use)
Price: RM6.90

Brand: Ciel Bijou
Name: Caviar
Volume: 25ml
Duration of use: Unused
Price: RM 4.70 (After discount - 20%)

Brand: Deoproce
Name: Color Synergy Effect Sheet Mask
Specification White, Moist Anti-oxident Radiant Shea Butter & Rice
Weight: 20g
Price: RM 3.60 (After discount - 20%)


Brand: TRESemme
Name: Deep Cleansing shampoo
Specification: Cleanse & Replenish
Volume: 900ml
Duration of use: Several months
Price: Approx. RM 23

Brand: Himalaya Herbals
Name: Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Specification: Normal Hair
Volume: 400ml + 200ml (extra)
Duration of use: Since December
Price: RM 19.70

Brand: Dove
Name: Nourishing old care - nutri-oil serum
Specification: Advanced care and repair
Volume: 40ml
Duration of use: Whole year

Hair removal
Brand: Veet
Name: In shower Hair Removal Cream - Lotus Milk and Jasmine Fragrance
Specification: Normal skin
Volume: 150ml

That's all people, hope you gain some insights on some basic types of cosmetics, skincare and haircare products. The reviews will be posted very soon and this will be my Christmas gift for you!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas present!! Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2 Nail Polish Gift Set

Last week, I planned with my aunt to go shopping together on Monday (15 Dec) as I don't really have proper nail polish or beauty products. But because I took up an internship which starts on that day, we couldn't carry out with the plan.

To my surprise, yesterday when I came back from my work at 9pm due to overtime, there was this pretty Sephora bag on my table in my room!! I knew instantly it was from my aunt. Already excited, I grabbed it and opened the bag. And another small gift bag appeared. Oh god the suspense! Then, I found the Ciate gift set.

Inside, there are four mini nail polishes (white, light blue, light pink and red) in the first row and another four glitters for their respective colours. With this, you can create 16 combinations of nail polish. How amazing is that!!

Tadaa! There will be lots of reviews on the nail polishes when I paint my nails with these cute little colours. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Event Review #1: Giftmas Carnival @ SStwo Mall

Christmas is always a annual celebration held on the 25th December to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. You will never miss Christmas trees with the stunning decorations in shopping malls and homes.

I was invited by my vocal teacher to join this carnival as part of a choir (consisting of our choir as well as my teacher's cell group members) to sing some Christmas carols. Giftmas Carnival was held in SStwo Mall on the 6th December, from 10am to 2pm and we had two sessions of performance, 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. With many other live performances, the crowd can drop by over 20 booths selling food, books, clothing and other household items at VERY LOW prices.

For example, there was this booth selling books at only RM4 per book!!! As an avid reader, I went into my crazy mode searching for books that I am interested in. Although they are second hand books, I didn't mind because the whole main point of books is the content. So, the books that I bought were Betrayed by Lyndsey Harris with Andrew Crofts, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks, Reading the Bible Book by Book.

I will update this post later with photos.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

How to Ace Piano Exam's Scales, Aural and Sight Reading sections

Grade 8 Piano, ABRSM, 2009
Grade 8 Theory, ABRSM, 2012
Diploma in Piano Performance (DipLCM), London College of Music, 2011
Associate in Piano Performance (ALCM), London College of Music, 2014
Grade 5 Piano, Yamaha, 2012
Grade 5 Fundamentals, Yamaha, 2010

As listed above, these are my achievements in Piano playing in my music learning journey since age four. 

In this post, I am only going to talk about ABRSM Scales, Aural and Sight Reading sections, which you will find similar to other boards as well.

Marks Allocation:
1) Scales/Broken Chords/Arpeggios/Thirds/Sixths/Octaves/Dom & Dim 7th - 21 marks
2) Sight Reading - 21 marks
3) Aural Tests - 18 marks

The most important element to succeed in these sections are NOT hours long practices, but

(I) Attitude
In all things that students do, having the right mindset / internal self-talk (what you tell yourself when doing the activity) is very important. 

If you already have a negative attitude towards your ability to play smooth scales, achieve perfect score for Aural test and get high marks for sight reading, you have pre-planned to perform below the standard.

Let me set this straight for you. 

1) There is no ''magic". Don't expect to do well in any of these sections if you only start hardcore practising one week before exam. 

2) Work hard and work smart - Being determind to work hard and having the skills to know what to emphasise on is key.

(II) Consistency
Consistency is also crucial in ensuring your success. I would recommend short but frequent practice sessions.

Strategies for the Sections:

Scales (Aimed at higher grades - Gd 6, 7, 8)

1) Master your Circle of 4ths and 5ths
Know your Keys and key signatures inside out and upside down. Test yourself regularly by either writing on the left side of a paper (Key), and on the right side, test yourself and write the key signatures without referring to the charts.

2) Break it down
That book of scales may seem overwhelming, yes, undeniably so. This simple principle will solve the problem of (i) Unable to take it so much at a time and (ii) lack of motivation to push on during practice sessions

3) Accelerando
You have already learned this in Grade 1, start slow first, then you increase your tempo. 
I encourage trying a few notches up on your metronome / reducing the speed. For instance, in Grade 8 scales, you are required to play at 88 crotchet beats in a minute. Slow it down. Try it at 72, 76, 80, 84. Then when you can play let's say 9/10 marks for the scale, play a little faster, yet maintaining the even tone.

4) Practice session
I remember when I used to practice my scales during the lower grades, I hated it so much. It's just boring and I did not know what were scales for then. Only now, I realised its importance. 

Learning stage
During this stage, do the simple Separate hands first. This is to lay down the crucial foundation to ensure you really know your notes for the scales before proceeding to Hands together.

It includes randomising the scales, asking someone to test you and follow your teacher's instructions on the homework for every class.

Approaching your exams,

Grade 8: 30 minutes to 1 hour, randomly by sections (Similar motion, Contrary motion, Arpeggios, Third apart, Sixth apart, Dominant/Diminished 7th)

Play only selected sections during each session, don't overload, it will get pretty boring as you repeatedly move your fingers up and down the piano.

Play variations of the scales. Sometimes, you can play just solid staccatos for the scales (for lower grades) and add rhythm to it such as syncopating / long-short long-short, feels like bouncing. 

I would recommend Schmitt - Preparatory Exercises Op16 for the Piano for drills on proper articulation, lifting the notes, producing a solid clear sound. 

Sight Reading

Rule 1: Don't STOP !!!

When your heart stop beating, you die correct? Think as if Sight Reading is your heart beating. If you stop, you will die, as your marks for fluency will be cut so low that you will never see another day. Set this mindset. For example, you are playing the piece as a performance, the first bad impression the audience get is when you stop.

When you stop = You don't know your stuff.
So when you play fluently without breaking down, it gives an impression that the awkward tunes are minor slips. Master this technique and you have already won half the battle!

Rule 2: Note similar patterns throughout the piece

Many students asked me, "What do I do during the 30 seconds?" 
The 30 seconds preview can be used in so many ways. Methods differ depends on your teacher.

Combining what my teachers (yes, I have more than five piano teachers (Yamaha and ABRSM) over the years) and my own experience dissecting the art of sight reading

1) Key, key signatures, any modulation / key changes, time signature
2) Similar parts of the piece
Structure of a piece can be Ternary form (A-B-A) or Binary form (A-B). Motives, repeated sequences/phrases should be identified when you read the piece.

Rule 3: Use the Sight Reading book (ABRSM) only as a guide
Aim to surpass the level of the sight reading tested in exam. If you always aim for something higher than the required standard, you will likely perform much better and even if you don't, you fall on the clouds. 

Rule 4: Use a variety of material such as Czerny pieces (Op. 299 or 599), simply anything a few grades lower than the one you're sitting for.

I use Improve your Sight Reading by Paul Harris for my students. But personally I prefer just picking up any piece (Beethoven, Chopin, Lizst, or even Richard Clayderman) and just try 5-6 lines or 1-2 pages if you can. 

Back when I studied music, I did not have the luxury to buy really good books (mostly properly written and structured to enhance learning and absorption - from USA or the UK). So, I used the rote-learning a.k.a. Asian way of learning, emphasising on variety and consistency.

Nowadays, many books are available, so teachers explore them, and students, please be thankful you have much more resources now compared to what we have a decade ago.

Aural test

I always did exceptionally well in my Aural test (I'm not boasting) for the grades that I sat (2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). How did I do it? 

1) Know the questions right from the start of your preparation for Grade (insert) exam.

2) Build up your listening skills
Secondly, I have to give credit to Yamaha as I learned solfege (sight singing) and hearing from young so it makes it a lot easier to master the parts where you say "la, la, la" or listening then identifying cadences, major/minor keys, intervals etc.

3) Boost your confidence
Ensure that you are confident to speak up, answer the questions in audible voice (please.... It's not worth losing marks if you are just shy and speaking softly). Positive affirmations help. You can do it mentally before exam or consistently every morning if you are shy / introvert / anxious.

If your teacher tests you regularly on Aural, then you should do fine as he/she would have a plan for you. 


Additional Readings:

There are more quality advice out there, do explore them and I hope my two-cents can help you or your students / children in their performance in exams.

Do drop me a line below for comments and share it with your friends so that others can benefit too!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

FX Primus Sharing Session with Kevin

It's been quite a while since I attended an inspirational talk of some sort LIVE. Today is a great day because of a sharing session that Mr Kevin from FXPrimus has conducted in Taylor's Subang Jaya, a college that I graduated from last year. It is an event of RM10 as donations to fund Angels Warriors Initiative 's community project for the unprivileged. 

No point beating around the bush, what you are reading here would be a short and concise reflection of the talk and what I have learnt from it.

With his confidence and humility, he shared down-to-earth experiences with us, willing to spend his precious time which could have been utilised for making deals, increase revenue etc. One thing I felt was sincerity and focus on the now

Many of us tend to occupy our mind with either thinking back on yesterdays and yester-years OR worrying about tomorrow. The fact is that we cannot predict tomorrow or even the next minute. 

The gist of the talk / take-home message is as follows (added with some of my own experiences and understanding):

1. Setting goals
It has already been said too much about setting not just goals, but clearly defined goals: in some self-help books known as S.M.A.R.T.  
There are many variations to these but they mean similar things. 

If your goal is too big in the now, break it down into smaller, more achievable goals. So you can have several goals at the same time. BUT, this is a big but, you can only do one thing at a time. Personally, I also agree with the speaker, multi-tasking is bullshit, to be frank. 

2. Information ≠ Knowledge
In this modern, sophisticated, technology-driven society, gaining information is no longer an issue, I learnt so much online, even degrees can be obtained by online learning and distance learning. Now, they even have blended learning with Edmodo, Moodle, Blackboard and many other learning platforms. 

Indeed, we know a lot, but if these information don't translate into practical knowledge and application. They are useless. 

3. Visualise
Visualisation has proven effective in helping athletes achieve greater heights. They need to visualise how they will counteract the opponent's tactics and strategies. Hence, visualising your dreams and goals daily can help tremendously in your personal growth. 

Personal thoughts:
I strongly feel that the intelligence that our ancestors have and what we have now is identical. It's just that the environment in which Gen X, Gen Y and the Gen Z live in has had a paradigm shift. So, there is no question of the ability of one person to achieve his or her goals, it's a matter of a conscious choice

You can be poor and depressed and your environment and surrounding may go against you, but it is still a choice if you stay (insert your condition)  for the next 2-3 years. Internal change is always possible

That's all people. Overall, an amazing sharing from Kevin. And I express my heartfelt gratitude to those who invited me to the event.