Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Battle with assignments continues

Hi all,

How quick time flies.. Before I come to realise it, it's already close to the end of my second semester, Week 11. I have to say, this semester is quite a good one for me! As of now, I still have a couple of assessments left to be completed by this week and next week:

1) Communications essay 40%
2) Psychology research proposal 25%
3) Online news story 15%
4) Online news story presentation 5%
5) Reflective statement 10%

I am so excited to see myself completing my assignments. I had always fear doing assignments as I set high expectations for myself and am a perfectionist. Being in Monash for close to 2 semesters already, I realise being perfectionistic will not bring me far. I just got to trust myself and start writing, allow no doubts in my mind, and JUST DO IT.

Goal-setting will also be one of my priorities from now onwards. Taking life one day at a time and staying in the moment really helps me ruminate less and enjoy more.

Just yesterday, I got to chat with my English tuition teacher from high school days. Really glad to see her and talk to her.

So now I have 1500 words of Psych to do and another 2000 words for Comm. I hope I can do this!!