Saturday, 5 April 2014

first psych assignment in uni ... and how I screwed up.

Week 5 was the deadline for submission of my Psych Written Summary and Oral Report. And how dare I to only begin it ONE DAY before deadline...

I rushed through the night, burning midnight oil on Thursday night through the night till Friday morning. Having headache from previous night, and feeling the extreme fatigue for staying up.

I did badly for the assignment which carried a weightage of 20%. Wrote poorly due to no time to analyse and read carefully for my research journals.

10% for Written Summary of 3 research reports on the title: Is punishment an effective behavioural modification strategy in children.

10% for an Oral Report.. 

Well, to submit on time, I did not have the luxury to prepare slides for my oral report. 

Still did it anyway, here's a link to my Oral Report, if anyone is interested haha.

PSY1011 Oral Report:

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