Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Becoming stronger everyday

Recently, I faced some troubles in my university, having a period of up (mood-wise) then due to certain issue, I literally crashed into a low.

I thought of talking to a professional about it and see how I can get better from these annoying yet constant moments. I even considered registering under DLU, applying for extension for my assignments or taking an intermission from university.

While I was in my deep pit of sorrow, I asked myself, "If I stop university now, how will I be able to achieve my dream, my ambition, my goal?" I guess I was always a Thinker by nature, hence I ruminate a lot. This time around, I got in touch with my inner being, my heart... It's telling me I WANT to become a Clinical Psychologist. I want to explore how I can help others heal and hold on to hope, hang on there and eventually embrace the joy that comes after hard work put into the journey of recovery. Another voice tells me: "Yes, you're working part-time as a piano teacher now; Yes, it's a lucrative industry, money-making...etc". I could just quit studying and teach full-time.

But, I know it's not what I want.

My life has been much better since the beginning of this year. I am starting to see light, feel happiness and joy once more. I know it may be a long journey where I walk three steps ahead and one step back. There may be times of confusion, where I feel lost and helpless. But, I know that if I keep my fire burning, I can eventually recover and get back on track again.

This time, I am going to take charge of my recovery! Hope to have a good day tomorrow. Tata for now.

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