Monday, 17 March 2014

Too perfectionistic, too careless, too late

Today is the deadline for PSY1011's Quiz 1 on Personality 1 on Moodle. I thought the deadline was 17th March 2014, Monday at 4pm. So, I thought I might study thoroughly before I attempt the test.

Well, because of me being too 'kiasu' and perfectionistic, i decided to study the Textbook during lunch so that I can do well in it.

I studied till 2pm and thought i might attempt the test. Out of astonishment, a friend told me it's closed as 4pm is not Malaysian time, it is Australian time!!

I was like WTF!! (Pardon my language)

I was devastated as i know i would have done well if I attempt the test now.

Luckily, there is a total of 10 quizzes of 3% value each that we need to attempt this semester.

Still, i am really angry with myself and disappointed on myself..

Got to do well in all other tests then..

It's too perfectionistic and too careless of me to overlook the 1pm thing.

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