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O week Part 4: Transition to University & Assertive Skills workshop (3rd day)

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Here is the final part of my university orientation week, O-week. 

It was a 2 hours workshop from 2pm-4pm at Rooms 6203 and 6203 located in Building 6, Level 3.

I went with an expectation of a well-presented workshop by a speaker that guides us through the differences or changes that we may find in University from our previous colleges or secondary schools and maybe, added with some tips on how to adjust to university life, as the item was named in the O-week schedule as "Adjustment to Campus Life Workshop"

Wouldn't it be natural for you to think like I did?

Never did it cross my mind that the workshop was presented by the University's counsellors, Ms Soon Saw Imm and Ms Na Mui Gee.  I was greeted with a whole bunch of "introductory to counselling services" slides, playing over and over as if like a broken CD player. 

That made me wonder if I was in the right workshop, the right room?? Did I accidentally stumbled into a wrong room? 

For a second, I glanced over the crowd neatly seated across the two rooms... Eh, they "LOOK" like FRESHIEEs, just like me.  Somehow, I have my way of detecting New and Old faces.. lol

Then it turned out again, not to my assumption of it being a counselling services introductory session.  Ms Soon (I believed) was just playing it for whatever reason it may be.


The workshop session started with a topic of Time Management (TM).

This issue of time management is one of the problems that I faced in SAM last year while I was struggling and constantly putting off assignments to the very last minute. 

Ms Na started first with the TM talk.  We were asked "Why do you procrastinate?" Many gave very standard answers, such as distractions, assignment is difficult, things like that. 

Then we were asked to think of some ideas to better manage our time. 

Answers like: Reward myself with something if I finish the work, listening to music while doing work and I myself contributed this: Breaking the BIG assignment into SMALL and Manageable parts so that the task is easier to complete. 

After that, Ms Na continued the session with her slide presentation. One of the key points in the presentation was Stephen R. Covey's Time Management Matrix.

Time Management Matrix with 4 Quadrants from Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 

I think many of us have seen such a table / matrix. It's often used in time management workshops teaching people how to effectively manage and maximise their time. 

Putting that aside, the highlight of the TM workshop was that the speakers asked us to get involved in Group Activity / Discussions which I think has helped us mingle a little with people we have yet to know. 

Well, something great was that I got to meet a guy from Sri Lanka and a few other people whom their names I have so accidentally forgotten, my bad! Sumimasen ne. 

..moving on..


The 3 forms of Communication

This part is taken over by Ms Soon. She gracefully took over the stage and started her opening about Assertive Skills.  She (the way she spoke) was memorable to me as I vividly remembered she had an funny "Chinese" accent on the word "assertive".

She introduced the 3 ways / styles people communicate.  They are "Aggressive", "Assertive" and "Passive" communications.  I vaguely recalled this from SAM Year 12 Psychology class. 

The sole highlight of this part was the role playing of people taking roles on these 3 ways of communications by acting it out verbally at the front of the room.

That's about the 2 hour workshop session held on 27 Feb 2014.  I have to say, it was pretty long and I am surprise I didn't fall asleep. 

The Take Home Message of the Day

Well, although the workshop wasn't as I expected it to be, but there are some take home messages that I believe I learned and received.

1) We all only have 24 hours. As we are already in university, everything is up to you and you can decide on your own. Our own initiative is vital for our success in our degree education. Remember to Seize time. 
Carpe Diem

2) In my own opinion, it's getting a little difficult in getting new friends in university compared to college life. Communication skill is important and I believed even more strongly after the workshop that friendship is intentionally hanging out and spending time together. 

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