Thursday, 6 March 2014

O week Part 3: Course Advice session (3rd day)

This part is of absolute importance as Course Advice Session is very vital to your university subjects planning so that you can graduate at the time you were estimated to graduate!

I won't babble on this insignificant stuff and will just outline how MY course is structured.

Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) under the faculty / school of Arts and Social Sciences, coded as 3920, requires you to have 144 points (all three years of study) to graduate.

As 1 unit (a.k.a. subject) equates to 6 points.   If you do the math, it would be 144 / 6 = 24 units

So, 24 subjects in 3 years, 1 year = 8 subjects (that's the standard)

From the School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS), there are 5 majors and 2 minors to choose from.

1) Communication
2) International Studies
3) Journalism
4) Writing
5) Psychology

1) Gender studies
2) Film and Screen Studies

One major will require you to take up 8 subjects from the same discipline. For me, it is Psychology. But it is a Special case here because for the Psychology major to be recognised and accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), I must take 10 subjects.

Well, one can do a Single major from the Arts faculty or a Double major to complete the undergraduate degree. And the Second major can be from the Arts or from another faculty, eg: Business and Economics, Science.  However that would be subjected to that faculty's approval.

There are the annoying but not complicated requirements that you need to fulfill while structuring your degree.

For the B. Arts (Social Sciences),
1) A major (normally 8 subjects)
2) An Arts minor (4 subjects, but for Writing minor, you'd need 5 subjects)
3) A First-year sequence subject
4) Another 12 points of Arts subjects (2 subjects)
5) Not more than 60 points (10 subjects) to be done in the first year
6) Have at least 36 points in Year 3

Tadaa!! I have spent 2-3 days giving careful thoughts to my course map / course schedule to be able to memorise all these requirements.. and present to you in an organised way.

The course advice session really gives an eye-opening experience to what university study is like.

The immediate feeling I got from this session was that we (university students) really have to be independent and only WE alone are responsible to ensure that our course subjects enrollment adhere to the requirements needed by your specific Faculty in order to be awarded a degree.

Well, just a wrap up,

I have done my course map for the 3 years.
I will be taking 10 Psychology CORE units,
5 Writing units constructing a minor
2 Journalism units as 1st year sequence
Academic Literacies as Arts units (together with one writing unit included in the minor)
3 Marketing electives and 3 Management electives.

So, 10 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 3 = 24 units = 144 points

I hope you all especially soon-to-be undergraduate students can understand what I just presented here. Any questions about how Australian degree works or comments, drop me a message below!

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