Monday, 24 March 2014

Losing MH370 crew and passengers

MH370. Malaysia - Beijing. Boeing 777-200. Malaysian Airlines (MAS) Flight.

All these keywords had captured the world's attention since 8 March 2014, when the plane supposedly heading to Beijing vanished within an hour after departing K.L.

As much as FBI, Malaysian Police, Air Force, aviation analysts, international experts and authorities putting all their efforts day and night in locating the plane, hoping that they may be able to give a definite answer to the fate of the plane as well as the people in it.

Just two days ago, I celebrated a friend's birthday at Sunway Pyramid, a local mall in Bandar Sunway. There, they had boards for customers and visitors to the mall to put up messages and wishes regarding the Flight MH370's disappearance.
I, too put up my wish for the plane to be located as soon as possible, so that the family members to those on board can at least have an answer, good or bad. 

Finally, today there was a definite answer as to what happened to the plane, it was assumed to have  crashed with no survivors. After reading news shared on Facebook from media such as The Malaysian Insider, I felt deeply saddened by the news. 

What will the families feel? How would they cope for weeks, months and perhaps years down the road of life, missing the ones they hold dear in their hearts? Grief, it was a feeling that I myself had experienced before as well. It hurts, so much pain within that sometimes you feel like you can't tell another soul. 

For me, I hope that much support (financial, counselling) provided by Malaysian Government as well as other countries' governments will suffice in helping the families, relatives and friends cope with their tragic loss.  Just having the thought that 239 people perished in this incident is just too depressing. It stirs up much grief in all in the world. I am glad that there is an answer to all of these around 2 weeks after the disappearance of MH370, unlike the disappearance of Air France, AF447 which took 2-3 years to find. 

Here are some of the reports (including video) regarding MH370 updates


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