Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A whole new experience: Assignments in university

Assignments in university really shocked me these days...

Once, I had this assumption that students taking Communications (comm) have an easy time, and hence I underestimated the things they study.  Now that I am taking a sequence subject in Comm / Writing (Wrt), called 'Media Studies', I started to realise the Readings in the Unit Reader aren't easy to digest AT ALL!!

Having a hurdle requirement (ungraded assignment) to submit by this week, and another 3 by next week, I am really having a hard time, NO 1: To digest the amount of Theories and 'alien' Terms like 'Semiotics', 'Structuralism', 'Self', and loads of names in Media Studies assignment, which carries a weightage of 30 PERCENT! And NO 2: Trying my very best to do my very best for Analysis, Research as well as Comprehensiveness for my other 3 units, namely Psychology, Marketing and Journalism, just hoping I can get a good grade.

Being Perfectionistic I guess is not helping in my situation now. So much to read, think, analyse, research and write, but so little time.

I'd been 'fidgeting' with loads of anxiety for around 2 hours now. I just got to get started and get the ball rolling. If not, things are never gonna be done.

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