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O Week Part 1: General briefing (1st day)

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What to expect during 1st day of orientation week, or O week for short?  Especially when you begin Undergraduate studies? Well, I don't know if you ever wonder about it, but I surely did...

Although it was stated "General" on the information sheet I printed online, I forgot to read the fine print on "general introduction to campus and services".  Well, that is definitely expected. But guess what? I expected it to be a whole lot more exciting.

Just a run through of how my 1st day was at Monash M'sia. 
In terms of whether or not I was familiar with the campus, firstly, I am local, therefore it is not a problem for me to go to Monash either visiting or enquiring every other day. So it's no doubt that the 1st day of O week is NOT the first time I entered the campus grounds. 

Welcomed by the Buddies! 

As much as I would love to post some photos of my campus ground during my first day, unfortunately, I didn't take any. I guess I shall try my best to describe what's important. 

I was welcomes by many, and I mean really many Buddies / helpers / seniors when I first arrived that morning. They wore light grey T-shirts and were quite friendly and helpful. They are the must go-to people if you have any questions such as looking for directions or the washrooms or anything you need about the campus services and so on.

Speeches, by the small ones and the BIG ones too!

After registration, Newbies / New students including me went into the Auditorium1 (Audi 1) to have our seats in the cold and chilly atmosphere (lol).  There, began the Formal, yet quite Dull speeches.  

It began with the Small people (for comparison purpose, no offense), a.k.a Buddy speaker -- A pair of speakers, male and female. They welcomed and congratulated us for being in Monash M'sia.  

Then the Pro-Vice Chancellor and a few more important people to the University went on stage to do the Welcoming Address.... As usual the yada yada stuff that most of us know about..  (I guessed you'd have figured it)

nothing much of the above is interesting really. 

Monash University Student Association (MUSA)

Next is the introduction to MUSA and its committee members. I was amazed as a whole bunch of students came marching down the aisle on both sides of Audi 1. There were so many committee members, with a male and female representatives for each school (I prefer to call them Faculties).

I counted those present, there was about 29 people with some MIA / absent on that day.  It was quite a good presentation and introduction to what they do and the individual roles of each member there. 

They are recruiting sub-comm as well. And I am really delighted to hear that, just probably gonna try it out if my schedule allows it. 

Campus Services -- The PLACES, FLOORS and FACILITIES

I had not got a chance to really understand how the naming / coding of a specific location in the campus works.  This introduction via Powerpoint slides really helped me recognise how the floors / levels, buildings, abbreviation and facilities works. Eg: LT - Lecture Theatre and 6001 means Building 6, basement. 

We were also introduced to MUM campus facilities, such as the Library and Learning Commons, Students Services etc.


Finally it was time for Q&A and the speakers / emcees for the morning asked some simple yet important questions after which if you got the answer right, you are awarded a small gift, comprising of MUM's merchandise. 

I was the 1st person to answer a question about where ITS is located...and I made myself sort of a joke of a day as I wasn't really answering the question right and kept giving inaccurate responses.. (probably adding some humour for the day, positively speaking). Still I won myself a gift bag in the end! 


About Clubs and Societies available

I don't remember much of them saying anything about clubs and societies in Audi 1, but I do remembering seeing some booths outside introducing all active clubs in year 2013, which includes Sports and Non-sports Clubs / Societies.

What if you don't find a club / society which fit your unique interest?

Just ESTABLISH one of your own!! But do make sure you recruit enough members to keep it active and rollin' so that they (MUSA) won't close your club down by the end of the year!


That's about it!  Check out O Week Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Links will be put here once they are out!

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