Thursday, 6 February 2014

Food Review #3: Chicken Kebab @ Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, Tesco Mutiara Damansara

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, this is the Largest kebab chain in the world!  It hails from Indonesia, and has more than 1000 outlets in Indonesia alone. So one day at work, I decided to try it since the outlet at Tesco is just a 10 minutes walk away. 

To my surprise, they don't priced the kebabs at a high price like most fast food chains.  I recalled that in my secondary school, a chicken kebab costs RM 3.00.  I ordered a Chicken Kebab with Cheese at only RM 6.50. Considering it a Fast food chain from overseas, RM 6.50 is considered reasonable to me especially during Malaysia's 2014 nut case price hike. 

Below is the breakdown of what I ordered. You just have to add RM 1 for a drink, which I chose Ice lemon tea. 

Chicken Kebab RM 6.50
Add Cheese RM 0.50
With Drink RM 1.00
TOTAL - RM 8.00


- Interesting packaging!! The way they designed the rectangular box like kebab holder is     just  unique!  You just pull the strip slowly and you can see the lovely kebab coming out     from the package.

- Very tasty, the outer layer, the kebab skin / paratha (I'm not sure) is a nice textured             ingredient. It's soft, rather bland but just enough to bring out the main ingredient which is   chicken.
- There are also some slices of vege in it, making it filled with fiber as well
- As I added cheese in it, I love the combination with chicken! it's great!


- The cheese: I can hardly taste any of it when I first bite into the kebab. It was not until         halfway through the kebab only I tasted the melted cheese. There is too little of the             cheese. 
- The vege:  Vege is also too little.  I am not sure what kind of vege it is but I guess it might   be lettuce. 
- The drink: Ice lemon tea was what I ordered. I expected they would bring me a glass of       Ice Lemon Tea, at least with a lemon slice in it?! but it was a disappointment when they     gave me a prepacked one, a boxed up "Ice lemon tea".  Well some of you may think what   would I expect when I pay RM 1 for a drink? But seriously, this one below? I could easily     get it in Tesco in big cartons.... Hmm I am not convinced by their choice of drink.


- Lastly and most importantly, it's too small in size.  The kebab is small although long in length, it's  definitely not enough to fill my Asian petite stomach, not to mention the people in the Western  countries who are of much bigger build and physique. 

Would I Recommend Kebab Turki Baba Rafi to you?
Certainly! It's tasty and delicious after all! Although I hope that for the price I pay I can get a bigger kebab. :)

Stay tuned for more! I think I am gonna try more types of the kebabs there. But I won't be reviewing any beef kebabs here (as I don't eat them, not due to religious reasons, but just that it's never my family's practice).

See ya! And I hope you give it a shot one day if you haven't !

The outlets of KTBR in Malaysia can be found here.

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