Thursday, 27 February 2014

A New Beginning: University Life

As my internship ends officially on 20 Feb 2014, I have begun on a new chapter in life at Monash University. 

Today marks the end of my orientation week at Monash University Malaysia campus (known as MUM for short or Monash M'sia from here onwards).  

For this whole new year of 2014, I have decided to write about my university life more often here, mostly would be academic-related stuff and club events etc... They will all be tagged under "University Life". Sometimes, when I feel like it, "Monash Malaysia"

For those who have yet to know what I study at Monash M'sia, let me just give you a short overview:

School (Faculty): School of Arts and Social Sciences
Course Name: Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences)
Course Code: 3920
Duration: 3 years

For this orientation week (24th - 28th Feb 2014), I will talk about separate topics as listed below.

-O week Part 2: Faculty / School briefing + library orientation + campus tour (2nd day)

What I can tell you about what I feel BEFORE orientation was I didn't know if I am going to enjoy any of my years in university, but come to think of it, who knows really? 

AFTER orientation and after listening to lecturers with doctorates (mostly) speaking passionately about their subjects, I am pretty excited to begin my studies in Monash M'sia. 

So, do check out the links above (when they're up) and feel free browsing on my blog! See ya soon

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