Thursday, 13 February 2014

3 Attitudes you must have while doing an Internship

It's been over a month since I blog here.  I have to say I missed it, the fun and joy of blogging, writing just whatever I like, especially to share with others.

Mostly, it's due to my internship work that just filled up my time.  I can't be blogging at work can I?

Anyway, back to my main story.

I just stepped into the 2nd week of February, and not to forget, today's Valentine's Day!!  My relationship status remains a secret! shhh.. ok? :)

Time flies indeed.  Next week will be the final week of my internship at the firm.

So, what work do I do on a daily basis?  Being in the editorial department, it's obvious that I write. I have been blessed so much so that I was given writing assignments from the 2nd day of January itself!

As an intern, I supposed we need to enter the firm with absolutely no expectations, just accept what comes wholeheartedly, no matter whether it's positive (appraisal) or negative (scolding).

At my department, I am fortunate enough to have co-workers that generously assist me when I had any questions. Both my Senior editor and Editor have given constructive advice when I had flaws on some of my articles. Certainly, I learnt so much when I read the stories which were edited by them.

My work simply comprises of conducting research, compiling information and write informational articles, sometimes I shadow writers for interviews. I also had an opportunity to conduct a phone interview and a face-to-face interview on my own.

Only with 1 week left for my internship, I decided to extract from what I have learnt and give you 3 crucial attitudes you must have while doing an internship, publishing in particular.

1. Be Responsible
Responsibility is not something you'd like to try to escape from at work.  If you have already chosen to go for an internship, any type of internship for that matter, take up your responsibility!  That in itself includes being punctual for work.  If it says in your contract that you should be at the office from 9am-6pm for example, then do that!  It doesn't matter when your other colleagues arrive, do your part.  It's an important habit to maintain for rest of the working years.  Another thing is when you take up an assignment, make sure you produce the work. In my case, it's a story of around 800-1000 words.

2. Don't seek to Impress!
Know that you don't need to impress anyone during the internship, because just to mind you, you're a temporary employee.  During your time in the firm, try as much to enjoy yourself and at the most basic level, do your work. If you're good at what you do, your boss or department head will surely see that in you.

3. Be Nice to everyone! 
It's a natural action to be nice to those at the top of the corporate ladder for obvious reasons, but in truth, in reality, this is not the right way of doing things. Always be polite to the administrative staff, staff at the HR department, even the janitors when you happen to see them. Don't assume you can order them around just because you are so-called an intern writer. Do know that it's because of these support staff, the company may thrive, prosper and succeed. In other words, these are the people who may not be in the spotlight, they are behind-the-scenes, making all things work.

These are the 3 attitudes I believe that all interns should possess while doing an internship.

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