Friday, 28 February 2014

O Week Part 1: General briefing (1st day)

You might want to read the previous A New Beginning: University Life

What to expect during 1st day of orientation week, or O week for short?  Especially when you begin Undergraduate studies? Well, I don't know if you ever wonder about it, but I surely did...

Although it was stated "General" on the information sheet I printed online, I forgot to read the fine print on "general introduction to campus and services".  Well, that is definitely expected. But guess what? I expected it to be a whole lot more exciting.

Just a run through of how my 1st day was at Monash M'sia. 
In terms of whether or not I was familiar with the campus, firstly, I am local, therefore it is not a problem for me to go to Monash either visiting or enquiring every other day. So it's no doubt that the 1st day of O week is NOT the first time I entered the campus grounds. 

Welcomed by the Buddies! 

As much as I would love to post some photos of my campus ground during my first day, unfortunately, I didn't take any. I guess I shall try my best to describe what's important. 

I was welcomes by many, and I mean really many Buddies / helpers / seniors when I first arrived that morning. They wore light grey T-shirts and were quite friendly and helpful. They are the must go-to people if you have any questions such as looking for directions or the washrooms or anything you need about the campus services and so on.

Speeches, by the small ones and the BIG ones too!

After registration, Newbies / New students including me went into the Auditorium1 (Audi 1) to have our seats in the cold and chilly atmosphere (lol).  There, began the Formal, yet quite Dull speeches.  

It began with the Small people (for comparison purpose, no offense), a.k.a Buddy speaker -- A pair of speakers, male and female. They welcomed and congratulated us for being in Monash M'sia.  

Then the Pro-Vice Chancellor and a few more important people to the University went on stage to do the Welcoming Address.... As usual the yada yada stuff that most of us know about..  (I guessed you'd have figured it)

nothing much of the above is interesting really. 

Monash University Student Association (MUSA)

Next is the introduction to MUSA and its committee members. I was amazed as a whole bunch of students came marching down the aisle on both sides of Audi 1. There were so many committee members, with a male and female representatives for each school (I prefer to call them Faculties).

I counted those present, there was about 29 people with some MIA / absent on that day.  It was quite a good presentation and introduction to what they do and the individual roles of each member there. 

They are recruiting sub-comm as well. And I am really delighted to hear that, just probably gonna try it out if my schedule allows it. 

Campus Services -- The PLACES, FLOORS and FACILITIES

I had not got a chance to really understand how the naming / coding of a specific location in the campus works.  This introduction via Powerpoint slides really helped me recognise how the floors / levels, buildings, abbreviation and facilities works. Eg: LT - Lecture Theatre and 6001 means Building 6, basement. 

We were also introduced to MUM campus facilities, such as the Library and Learning Commons, Students Services etc.


Finally it was time for Q&A and the speakers / emcees for the morning asked some simple yet important questions after which if you got the answer right, you are awarded a small gift, comprising of MUM's merchandise. 

I was the 1st person to answer a question about where ITS is located...and I made myself sort of a joke of a day as I wasn't really answering the question right and kept giving inaccurate responses.. (probably adding some humour for the day, positively speaking). Still I won myself a gift bag in the end! 


About Clubs and Societies available

I don't remember much of them saying anything about clubs and societies in Audi 1, but I do remembering seeing some booths outside introducing all active clubs in year 2013, which includes Sports and Non-sports Clubs / Societies.

What if you don't find a club / society which fit your unique interest?

Just ESTABLISH one of your own!! But do make sure you recruit enough members to keep it active and rollin' so that they (MUSA) won't close your club down by the end of the year!


That's about it!  Check out O Week Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Links will be put here once they are out!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

A New Beginning: University Life

As my internship ends officially on 20 Feb 2014, I have begun on a new chapter in life at Monash University. 

Today marks the end of my orientation week at Monash University Malaysia campus (known as MUM for short or Monash M'sia from here onwards).  

For this whole new year of 2014, I have decided to write about my university life more often here, mostly would be academic-related stuff and club events etc... They will all be tagged under "University Life". Sometimes, when I feel like it, "Monash Malaysia"

For those who have yet to know what I study at Monash M'sia, let me just give you a short overview:

School (Faculty): School of Arts and Social Sciences
Course Name: Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences)
Course Code: 3920
Duration: 3 years

For this orientation week (24th - 28th Feb 2014), I will talk about separate topics as listed below.

-O week Part 2: Faculty / School briefing + library orientation + campus tour (2nd day)

What I can tell you about what I feel BEFORE orientation was I didn't know if I am going to enjoy any of my years in university, but come to think of it, who knows really? 

AFTER orientation and after listening to lecturers with doctorates (mostly) speaking passionately about their subjects, I am pretty excited to begin my studies in Monash M'sia. 

So, do check out the links above (when they're up) and feel free browsing on my blog! See ya soon

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Event Review: Big Bad Wolf Fireball Book Sale (Last Day)

Doesn't this Picture look familiar?? It's taken from the FB page of this year's Big Bad Wolf Fireball Sale.

This year, the Sale was from the 15 Feb to 23 Feb 2014, open everyday from 9am - 9pm at the Mines
International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) or The Mines as most people call it.

Above: This is the booth outside the entrance to the exhibition hall selling T-shirts and Badges!

T-shirts Banner

As this year's Fireball Sale event was organised to sell the books that didn't sold off
 during the last year's BBW Sale, they too sold 2013 T-shirts for RM 29.90.

Above: These are some of the designs.  Selected designs are priced at RM 19.90, in which if you buy any of them (RM 19.90 only), you will get RM 10 free voucher.                                                                                            Left: The book / gift voucher given upon purchase of selected T-shirt designs. These voucher can be used to buy the books in the BBW Fireball Sale.

Right: These are the stack of books that I selected. P.S.: I did not purchase the single WordPress for Dummies book.

From the top:

1) Musical Wit - Quips and Quotes for Music Lovers by Vicky Edwards RM 8.00
2) Wildflower by Mark Seal RM 5.00
3) The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan RM 5.00
4) The Lucado Inspirational Reader by Max Lucado RM 8.00
5) The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain by Kelvin Nelson, M.D. RM 5.00
6) Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me by Ian Morgan Cron RM 5.00
7) Heroes of Olympus: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan RM 5.00
8) Publishing E-Books for Dummies RM 8.00
9) WebKit for Dummies RM 8.00
10) WordPress All-In-One for Dummies RM 15.00
11) The Vampire's Assistant by Darren Shan (not in picture) RM 5.00

1x RM15, 4X RM 8, 6X RM 5 

TOTAL: RM 77.00

Tada!! There I was at the Big Bad Wolf Fireball Sale 2014 with my whole bunch of "rewards". Of course the other bags belongs to my parents' collection.

So, that sums up my 2 hours at the book sale from 6 - 8 pm on 23 Feb 2014.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Torn between a farewell and university stuff

This week is the last week that I will be working as an intern at the firm.  My dept boss suggested yesterday that we do a lunch on Thursday, my last day of work.

On the same say, I have a course advice session to attend at my future university - Monash University Malaysia, located at Sunway. In the email I received, it was said that the first session of the course advice, on the 20th (Thursday) is recommended for all to attend rather than the 2nd sessionon the 27th (Thursday) which is a week later. This is because attending the course advice on the 20th will speed up enrolment process and make the allocation of tutorial classes easier.

At first, I was all going to the course advice due to my natural kiasuness and wanting to obtain the best that I can. But mum suggested that I go for the 27th because it would make no difference while my dad wants me to go for the 20th and write an apology note to my boss and thank her for the opportunity.

I am seriously undecided at this point. Not sure what to do. Personally I don't really care if I go to the lunch. I am pretty cool with not going, since I am considered a temporary employee at the firm. I can actually separate any emotions that may attach to people in the dept. I am cool with that.

I really want to go for both really, but reality hit me when I realise it may take 1 hour to get back to office as the course advice runs from 10am - 12pm.

As I type this, I am still undecided. But my stomach grumbling reminds me that I need lunch.

So ciao ~

Thursday, 13 February 2014

3 Attitudes you must have while doing an Internship

It's been over a month since I blog here.  I have to say I missed it, the fun and joy of blogging, writing just whatever I like, especially to share with others.

Mostly, it's due to my internship work that just filled up my time.  I can't be blogging at work can I?

Anyway, back to my main story.

I just stepped into the 2nd week of February, and not to forget, today's Valentine's Day!!  My relationship status remains a secret! shhh.. ok? :)

Time flies indeed.  Next week will be the final week of my internship at the firm.

So, what work do I do on a daily basis?  Being in the editorial department, it's obvious that I write. I have been blessed so much so that I was given writing assignments from the 2nd day of January itself!

As an intern, I supposed we need to enter the firm with absolutely no expectations, just accept what comes wholeheartedly, no matter whether it's positive (appraisal) or negative (scolding).

At my department, I am fortunate enough to have co-workers that generously assist me when I had any questions. Both my Senior editor and Editor have given constructive advice when I had flaws on some of my articles. Certainly, I learnt so much when I read the stories which were edited by them.

My work simply comprises of conducting research, compiling information and write informational articles, sometimes I shadow writers for interviews. I also had an opportunity to conduct a phone interview and a face-to-face interview on my own.

Only with 1 week left for my internship, I decided to extract from what I have learnt and give you 3 crucial attitudes you must have while doing an internship, publishing in particular.

1. Be Responsible
Responsibility is not something you'd like to try to escape from at work.  If you have already chosen to go for an internship, any type of internship for that matter, take up your responsibility!  That in itself includes being punctual for work.  If it says in your contract that you should be at the office from 9am-6pm for example, then do that!  It doesn't matter when your other colleagues arrive, do your part.  It's an important habit to maintain for rest of the working years.  Another thing is when you take up an assignment, make sure you produce the work. In my case, it's a story of around 800-1000 words.

2. Don't seek to Impress!
Know that you don't need to impress anyone during the internship, because just to mind you, you're a temporary employee.  During your time in the firm, try as much to enjoy yourself and at the most basic level, do your work. If you're good at what you do, your boss or department head will surely see that in you.

3. Be Nice to everyone! 
It's a natural action to be nice to those at the top of the corporate ladder for obvious reasons, but in truth, in reality, this is not the right way of doing things. Always be polite to the administrative staff, staff at the HR department, even the janitors when you happen to see them. Don't assume you can order them around just because you are so-called an intern writer. Do know that it's because of these support staff, the company may thrive, prosper and succeed. In other words, these are the people who may not be in the spotlight, they are behind-the-scenes, making all things work.

These are the 3 attitudes I believe that all interns should possess while doing an internship.

Once again, please do share, comment and Google + 1 if you find it useful for others.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A little bit about What I Read

In case you're wondering that since I am gonna write some reviews for books that I've read, what are the kind of books I read?

Now, lemme give you some FUN FACTS about it.

1 Peter and Jane & Enid Blyton’s books accompanied my childhood
I remembered my kindergarten teacher would call my name out when it was “reading session” and I would sit by her side, reading a page or two from the Enid Blyton’s series, word after word as she guided me.

2 Primary school years seldom read English language books
I seldom read English books during primary.  I was so into Chinese books about African, European folktales and mystery fictions, just all in Chinese / Mandarin. I recalled reading quite a number of Mr Midnights priced at RM9.90 / book at that time, written by James Lee (pseudonym of Jim Aitchison).  I followed the series till the 20th book.  Currently 80+ books were published.

3 I embarked on The Series of Unfortunate Events when I went into Form 1 (secondary school)
This series was about the only series I remembered reading. I was really excited about the plot in the stories.  Always felt the suspense between books.  I believed I finished all thirteen (13) books by the end of the year (2008) if not until the first month of 2009.

4 Around Form 3 / 4, I got into Romance novels, but I just read Message in the Bottle by Nicholas Sparks.  Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and rest of the series (5 of them) became my collection. 
I went into more of the Rick Riordan’s other books, like the Kane Chronicles.  Those were surprisingly enough to spice up my teenage life.   A small secret here, after I feel that the books (usually priced from RM 40-60) were too expensive and not worth the money while at the same time my interest in following the Kane Chronicles fade, I ditched Rick Riordan’s future books. (giggles)

5 I ditched fiction and buried myself under non-fictions, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs and self-help books.
Adam Khoo’s Winning the Game of Life, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, The Last Lecture, Working with Emotional Intelligence, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle et cetera.

Now, I read just whatever interests me, whatever I like, as long as I can afford it, and if my shelf permits, haha.. Nowadays, just lack of space. Might venture into e-books/torrents in the future.  But the fact is I still love to hold paperback books with the small palms of mine.  

Well, till now that's about it! Stay tuned for my upcoming book reviews, one coming out this month!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Food Review #3: Chicken Kebab @ Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, Tesco Mutiara Damansara

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, this is the Largest kebab chain in the world!  It hails from Indonesia, and has more than 1000 outlets in Indonesia alone. So one day at work, I decided to try it since the outlet at Tesco is just a 10 minutes walk away. 

To my surprise, they don't priced the kebabs at a high price like most fast food chains.  I recalled that in my secondary school, a chicken kebab costs RM 3.00.  I ordered a Chicken Kebab with Cheese at only RM 6.50. Considering it a Fast food chain from overseas, RM 6.50 is considered reasonable to me especially during Malaysia's 2014 nut case price hike. 

Below is the breakdown of what I ordered. You just have to add RM 1 for a drink, which I chose Ice lemon tea. 

Chicken Kebab RM 6.50
Add Cheese RM 0.50
With Drink RM 1.00
TOTAL - RM 8.00


- Interesting packaging!! The way they designed the rectangular box like kebab holder is     just  unique!  You just pull the strip slowly and you can see the lovely kebab coming out     from the package.

- Very tasty, the outer layer, the kebab skin / paratha (I'm not sure) is a nice textured             ingredient. It's soft, rather bland but just enough to bring out the main ingredient which is   chicken.
- There are also some slices of vege in it, making it filled with fiber as well
- As I added cheese in it, I love the combination with chicken! it's great!


- The cheese: I can hardly taste any of it when I first bite into the kebab. It was not until         halfway through the kebab only I tasted the melted cheese. There is too little of the             cheese. 
- The vege:  Vege is also too little.  I am not sure what kind of vege it is but I guess it might   be lettuce. 
- The drink: Ice lemon tea was what I ordered. I expected they would bring me a glass of       Ice Lemon Tea, at least with a lemon slice in it?! but it was a disappointment when they     gave me a prepacked one, a boxed up "Ice lemon tea".  Well some of you may think what   would I expect when I pay RM 1 for a drink? But seriously, this one below? I could easily     get it in Tesco in big cartons.... Hmm I am not convinced by their choice of drink.


- Lastly and most importantly, it's too small in size.  The kebab is small although long in length, it's  definitely not enough to fill my Asian petite stomach, not to mention the people in the Western  countries who are of much bigger build and physique. 

Would I Recommend Kebab Turki Baba Rafi to you?
Certainly! It's tasty and delicious after all! Although I hope that for the price I pay I can get a bigger kebab. :)

Stay tuned for more! I think I am gonna try more types of the kebabs there. But I won't be reviewing any beef kebabs here (as I don't eat them, not due to religious reasons, but just that it's never my family's practice).

See ya! And I hope you give it a shot one day if you haven't !

The outlets of KTBR in Malaysia can be found here.