Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Subway: Is it really made fresh as it claimed to be?

Subway.  This is a fast food that I prefer most of the time compared to Mc Donald's, another of my favourites.

The picture above depicts customers lining up for Subway sandwich..  I love Subway sandwiches.   
Chicken Teriyaki, Roasted chicken, Turkey breast, Seafood and Crab, these were my usual orders.

Ironically, Subway was the reason I learned and started eating veggies.  
I would ask for tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce and I'd order lots of them as these are 
the only ones I eat.  Furthurmore, Subway restaurant is available near my college at SS15.  

Recently, I stumbled upon an article by +Clark Kent entitled "The Subway Deception" dated March 
2013, describing how Subway, always having the phrase "eat fresh", but uses banned preservative
 in Singapore named azodicarbonamide.  If caught using this chemical additive in Singapore, 
one could be jailed up to 15 years or fined as much as $450,000.  Because of this 
phrase, Subway draws me to buy their sandwiches and cookies every other week.

Well, the accuracy of this article I cannot ascertain.  However, do give this article the benefit of the doubt.  
As a result of reading this article, I will now be more careful when I decide to order Subway.  
Maybe, just maybe, they are no different than Mc Donald's, being saturated with preservatives.  

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