Tuesday, 5 November 2013

SAM Final Exams ~ South Australian Certificate of Education

Tomorrow marks the start of my SACE exams!!

Am I nervous? One of my friends asked.  "CERTAINLY I am, are you kidding me?"  I wanted to reply her that.  However, it is of course in my common sense not to do so to be polite.  I just kindly replied her: "Yes, a little."

The truth is, I am trying to beat TIME here.  

First paper, is ESL (English as a Second Language Studies). 
In this paper, there are many things to do. 
Part 1: Listening Comprehension, 
Part 2: Extended Essay, 
Part 3: Formal Letter 

For me, Listening and Formal letter have to depend on LUCK, whether or not the questions are difficult to understand, or the speakers for the listening may have horrible accent that is incomprehensible... stuff like that.

Formal letter, what I could really prepare for is just formal style of writing, the formats for different letters and basically try to be precise and accurate in meeting the requirements of the question.

EXTENDED ESSAY, this is what fears me the most.  Even though after 2 practices, I only obtained a B- grade, which is very devastating grade for me.   I hope I can brush up my ability to extract all the main points in the 4 Texts given and categorise, paraphrase and write topic sentences.. in addition to having well-written introduction and conclusion.  

Well, see the Clockie above?? Well that is the thing that I fear about... I have practise a couple of times but failed to finish the essay within 90 minutes... OH gosh... Time Management is Crucial

2nd and 3rd papers are Mathematical Studies and Psychology.

Then 13 Nov is my Accounting paper (another subject challenging time management) and finally on the 18 Nov marks the last day of my examinations, it ends with Economics paper. 

I believe it's enough of ranting here. I got to get back to my work. 
Will temporarily stop blogging these few days...

See ya soon. 

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