Friday, 8 November 2013

Exams is a marathon, a journey, not a sprint

What a good way to start my morning! Waking up at 5:00 a.m. was indeed a "joy".  Note the inverted commas?  8th Nov, Friday, is my Year 12 Psychology (2PSC20) paper.  Well, whilst I was pretty excited for the paper, as I'm done quite well in the subject, it is to a certain extent uncontrollable for my so-willing body to literally "drag" myself back to my lovely bed.  Nevertheless, my rationale took over and I quickly got ready as I need my beloved cousin to drive me to college.

Deep down, I was worrying sick, I didn't finish the past-year papers (PYQ) from 2004-2012 as I'd hope to.  In fact, I didn't even finish half of them..  Sleepiness got to me last night before I couldn't even absorb half of my Psych syllabus.  Ended up dozing off by 12 midnight.

Well, eventually, I went for the paper at 7 am, being already in the exam venue, Lecture Theatre 5 at 6:30 am.   If you'd ask how the paper went, I would say.... hmm.. Not a breeze, but racing thoughts throughout the paper.  I was glad Systematic Desensitisation, which was being asked to describe as a 4 marks question (came out in a couple of past years) also came out this year, 2013.  I was like Thank God!!, my efforts of writing the paragraph of explanation to suit different situations as practice didn't go to waste. Oh yea, back to the racing thoughts, whichever question that I have some knowledge and understanding to answer, I just went for it without proper structuring / phrasing before penning down my responses.  I let my pen do the work as my thoughts "running or rather racing" against time came gushing out from my mind.

3 down, 2 more papers left to go!

Well, exams, exams, how I wish you aren't here in this world.. Cuz you suck!

Anyway, enough of ranting, it's of course Exams IMHO (in my honest opinion),

What they are
1) Things that most if not all people go through that help you know where you stand in the cohort
2) Ordinary papers you often get so hype-d up due to either answering a specific question correctly or  screw-ed them.. Lol
3) Motivation that gets you to stay consistent and determined
4) Pressure tests that 'cooks' you under pretty intense heat & pressure

What they aren't 
1) Horrible nut case stuff that the examiners set to kill you
2) Easy. Exactly my point there: they're not E.A.S.Y
3) Compassionate. They sucks as they don't show even a tiny bit of compassion... Sigh..

Got to go,

Penning it down,

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