Thursday, 4 July 2013

What's Life all about anyway? -- While we all search for meaning in this journey...

Warning: this is not much of a positive post, solely written based on personal experiences and feelings. 
Leaf and Life.... Is there a connection?
Sometimes, I wondered, what's life all about anyway? 

Being an thinker and analytical person, a request to ask me not to think of this open-ended, somewhat philosophical topic is virtually and literally Impossible.

On a personal note, being at the crossroad of my life, probably searching for self identity, while constantly struggling with my a-hell-of-a-turmoil of emotions, thoughts and feelings, Life, at the present moment --- is indeed very tough.

Life, perhaps, is itself for us to define it ourselves. I believe to a certain greater extent, we have control of what happens and how we react to situations in our lives. Undeniably, life is just a short duration of perhaps 50-90++ years on average, that we all strive to live to our satisfaction. It's very much an ordeal searching for some meaning these days.. 

I guess sometimes,
it's important to just put aside all problems and difficulties,
and just do these three things,
in this order

LiFe.... I always thought it is a beautiful, positive word, something Alive that often make one cherish.. 

Cherishing life is important, though sometimes difficult situations and circumstances may make you feel helpless, directionless and hopeless. But knowing that you ARE NOT alone (even though you may feel that way), and Tomorrow will be a better day is Essential --- to Keep us going, striving, living for the better.

more of a self-indulging post here.. 

Peace Out!!

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