Thursday, 11 July 2013

Instilling HOPE in Life - By pushin' on and not giving up

Faith . Hope . Love 

Did you realise?

Hope is at the center...

Well, these few days, I have been struggling with some thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

I thought, for a second, about this interesting question,

What makes you go on and live everyday,
Attend college lectures,
Rushing assignments in order to meet deadlines... et cetera,
all these struggles are so overwhelming??

After much thought, 
I knew, for certain,
It was HOPE..

It was the very act of HOLDING ON,
to LIFE that is so so precious to all of us.

At a certain point of our lives,
we feel lost, helpless, desperate, even sometimes we do not know where, or whom to turn to,
for some form of help,
may it be physical, mental, psychological or spiritual.

Despite all these struggles of a perfectionist like me,
I DESIRE to feel better everyday, 
Be a better person,
constantly improving,
courageously facing challenges in life.

And there's when HOPE comes into play.
I believe HOPE keeps me alive, even my Chinese name consists of a word meaning HOPE
It's with a sense of HOPE that things around and within will get better that keeps me GOING
a journey in life that NEVER CEASES, 
that even when we die, our spirit and legacy will live on.

I guess that's all for today's entry..
I'm giving a speech on Tuesday during Toastmasters meeting. 
a speech that has to do with Decisions.
I am still thinking of what to speak about really,
but let's not forget about HOPE.

For it has helped me tremendously,
I am sure by instilling hope, you can overcome challenges and hurdles in life,
and lead a positive one,
your own unique one! 

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