Thursday, 6 June 2013

Braces and its package, Wonderful Pleasure or Pure Agony?

Talking about braces and being 18 and in Malaysia, it's considered quite late to have braces done at this age especially living in the city. Most of my peers got the braces "treatment" at age 15/16??

Anyway, I just got mine done around a week ago and I'm just grateful that I am fortunate enough to have it done, because.... it's kinda pricey..

So, this is going to be a rather casual post.
Does braces give me pleasure? Sometimes, I would say... Just constantly reminding myself of how beautiful my set of unruly (not sure if this is the right word) teeth would look like when they get aligned and adjusted properly, I feel confidence and short-lived happiness. :)

I'm glad during my visit to the dentist to do the braces, it didn't hurt at all!! Thank God for that! 

Anyway, I got to accommodate and adapt to my new braces as 

I couldn't eat RICE, MEAT...basically my teeth are as if PARALYSED...

I could starting eating SHORTBREAD! (after a few days that is.. :p)

How NICE!!! :)

So that's about it, I'm just grateful that my teeth don't hurt, for now.. just an ulcer at the back of my mouth.. Other than that, things are great..


A Video for you all,

The Show - Lenka

So Peace Out for now!


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