Saturday, 4 May 2013

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Dear readers,

First of all, Welcome to my blog! In this first post of this blog, I would just like to introduce a couple of things about myself and also about the blog.

My name is Amy Ng, from Selangor, Malaysia. Just in case you all do not know where Malaysia is, it is located in South East Asia, just being a friendly neighbour of Singapore. I am currently doing my Pre-University Course, specifically South Australian Matriculation (equivalent to Year 12 in Australia) in a private institution.

What are my interest? You may ask. In short, I like to acquire knowledge and learn basically anything, and I mean ANYTHING under the sun..... and the moon. My current interests are more inclined towards Psychology, Social Sciences, Economics, public speaking and voluntary work.

That's basically all the things I am going to say about myself. Now, off to the blog. Just for a quick overview, I will write mostly on Themed issues. I will discuss about current "hot topic" issues in Malaysia, share my insights on some books that I have read, some fun and exciting events and ask for your opinions! Of course, through the course of reading my posts, you are more than welcomed to suggest a specific topic that you would like to discuss about.

That's about it, peeps. You are encouraged to follow my blog for updates and comment!

Peace Out!! :D

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