Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How to make the MOST out of your life

Life indeed has always been something that we all ponder at some points of our lives, don't we?

Here are some tips that I have for you to make the MOST out of your life.

1. Treasure Now

In life, sometimes there are some past that we have to let go. Why do I say this? Everyone has a story, a story that shapes who they are now.  Some of us let the past, mostly those filled with negative emotions such as depression, suicide, self-harm, loss of a loved one or even a broken relationship prevent and deter from moving on, and having a better life. Our past may haunt us, but does it have to?

Treasuring what we have now is important, as the past is the past, and no matter how much we may want it to, nothing can change it.  So, Accepting who you are, how you feel and what kind of a person you wish to be is crucial.

2. Discover and Explore your interests

In some cultures, who we are have already be defined by the perceptions and expectations of the society.  For example, for the Asian culture that I come from, academic excellence is mostly the priority, the only criteria to succeed (as if it is all that true).  So, more often than not, one ends up getting stressed out, depressed and commit suicide due to all these pressure and expectations from people around them.  In Singapore, college suicides are prevalent. Mostly, one's interests are put aside because of all these expectations or responsibilities.  It's difficult to set some time for hobbies and fun.

So, take time off and just stay still in your mind and try out new things!  Explore your strength, talents, extraordinary abilities, well, also you weaknesses and flaws as well. Find out what you enjoy doing, i.e. playing badminton, snooker, football, travelling, reading etc..

3. Look beyond yourself... Help others who are less fortunate

Well, there are many in this world who have lesser than you do. They may struggle with starvation everyday... thinking of whether or not they will have their next meal.  Of course, sometimes, this is exaggerating.  But truly, do not be self-centered if you want to make the most out of your life.  Utilise your strengths, abilities to help others, reach out and assist people.  Trust me, it will give you much satisfaction because people will see your sincerity in helping them if you go all out. 

4. Be adventurous and ambitious

Try out new things. There is a saying, Do a thing that you are afraid of everyday (paraphrased).  I believe through experience, you will be able to enjoy what you do, may it be bungee jump, parachuting, rock climbing or as simple as trying to pet a dog everyday when you have phobia with dogs.

5. Appreciate

Lastly, be thankful for what you have in the Present. Well, I believe (in my own opinion) all things come from God.  So, it's important to not be overly greedy at times, as we ought to be thankful for all that we have.  Perhaps, striving to improve ourselves day-by-day, no matter how little, would be an excellent things to do.

With all that said, I hope you all can learn something new based on my sharing. Do comment, share, follow...

See ya!

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