Monday, 30 December 2013

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety, is something that most people today are aware about.  It is very common, particularly during stressful periods of our lives, i.e. examinations, before an interview or simply planning on how to propose to your lover!

For good functioning in our daily lives, it is healthy to have some anxiety, the feeling of nervousness, as it pushes one to perform and achieve targets and goals.  That is how people manage to surpass limits beyond humans' understanding.

Although anxiety may serve as a great tool to push us to improve in many different areas of our lives, but when it is overwhelming for one and consistently bothers one, one may develop some form of anxiety disorders.

In general, anxiety is when one worries in an either irrational, unrealistic and/or excessive manner.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), there are types of anxiety disorders

1) Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
2) Panic Disorder
3) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
4) Phobias
5) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Well, I am not here to describe diagnostic labels of the DSM, rather would like to explain to those who are less aware, feelings or rather symptoms that one experiences when having anxiety.

Have you ever experience the feeling that you're out of breath, panting heavily before going onto the stage for a solo performance?  It is an anxious feeling.  It is a worrying worry.  And by nature, if we are conscious of the anxious feeling, some may tend to dwell on it, spinning his / her minds over and over and around the problem -- the anxious feeling.  It feels like a "thing" to get rid of from our minds and hearts, or simply butterflies in the stomach.

If you understood the part I wrote & describe above, you'd understand what Fear is.  Fear is interrelated with anxiety.  They are like close cousins of some sort.  When someone has anxiety for examinations let's say.  Most of the time it becomes a cycle.

1) The person fears examinations due to lack of preparation, hence creating intense worries a.k.a. anxiety
2) The person gets so afraid and panicked when thinking about the probability of him/her failing during the exams, triggering more fear and apprehension / dread.
3) Discomfort, pounding heart, sweating, trembling, feeling of choking, shortness of breath or even fear of losing control.. all these symptoms of a Panic disorder sets in.
4) Fear of fear / anxiety / losing control generates more of it.  Hence, the person will find much difficulty trying to calm down.

As it is often the perceived danger that causes people to fear and worry unnecessarily, one can do this absolutely simple thing to seriously calm down... and Chill

Breathe, do deep breathing using the abdomen.  Repeat about 30 times focusing on every breath.  As you breathe, just be aware where is the anxious feeling going to?  Is it moving from one part of your body, i.e. chest, to another, i.e. stomach?  Is it slowly disappearing?  With every intake of air, say to yourself, "Calm", and with every exhalation, say to yourself, "Relax".  Soon, trust me, the anxious & scary feeling will go away.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.  Do not make unrealistic expectations that the overwhelming anxiety will forever be gone for good after one try of the breathing technique.  Practise, get accustomed to it.  So, you will be closer to anxiety-free (mostly) life!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Subway: Is it really made fresh as it claimed to be?

Subway.  This is a fast food that I prefer most of the time compared to Mc Donald's, another of my favourites.

The picture above depicts customers lining up for Subway sandwich..  I love Subway sandwiches.   
Chicken Teriyaki, Roasted chicken, Turkey breast, Seafood and Crab, these were my usual orders.

Ironically, Subway was the reason I learned and started eating veggies.  
I would ask for tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce and I'd order lots of them as these are 
the only ones I eat.  Furthurmore, Subway restaurant is available near my college at SS15.  

Recently, I stumbled upon an article by +Clark Kent entitled "The Subway Deception" dated March 
2013, describing how Subway, always having the phrase "eat fresh", but uses banned preservative
 in Singapore named azodicarbonamide.  If caught using this chemical additive in Singapore, 
one could be jailed up to 15 years or fined as much as $450,000.  Because of this 
phrase, Subway draws me to buy their sandwiches and cookies every other week.

Well, the accuracy of this article I cannot ascertain.  However, do give this article the benefit of the doubt.  
As a result of reading this article, I will now be more careful when I decide to order Subway.  
Maybe, just maybe, they are no different than Mc Donald's, being saturated with preservatives.  

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Renovation for this blog

After much thought, I have decided to delete some posts of a certain category from this blog (Living life 1 Step at a time) and Renovate, Refurbish the whole blog into one that has only a sole aim -- to share happiness and precious moments of my life.

Hence, this blog from this "Renovation" onwards will consists of:

  • My Toastmasters meetings
  • Restaurant, Movie and Book Reviews
  • My travelling at the end of the year
  • Fun moments in my life, uni or work etc
  • How-to Guides
  • Anything positive basically
The list above is not my pages / categories, but it gives you a rough idea of how my blog is going to be in the future.

There will be much changes made, probably not known or noticeable for many, but it is for me.

I will also change the blog name.  Other changes, I have yet to plan it out.  

Stay tuned to see a new blog!

Food Review #2: Muah Chee @ Asia Cafe, SS15, Subang Jaya

Day 2 of Ultra super boring moral studies...

A small breakiee at 9.30am brought me to a stall at Asia Cafe, SS15 to buy Muah Chee, a glutinous rice ball delicacy as breakfast / snack.

Muah Chee, a snack / delicacy 
Muah chee are glutinous rice balls coated with peanuts... and sugar.  It's sort of a finger food in Malaysia.  I have no idea where are the origins of this food, but I can assure you it's super tasty.  I get addicted to it.

At this stall, there are two prices for this Muah Chee.  A small portion would be RM 3 while a big portion would be RM 4.   It's considered cheap in SS15 area.  The picture above is a small size one @ RM 3.  The seller will give you several toothpicks so that you can share with friends!

Fellow tourists visiting Malaysia, please try this when you come to SS15 by any chance.  It's not a tourist spot but you can experience more of Malaysian life at these places.

That's all for Muah Chee review! Will post more of delicacies and snacks in Malaysia, stay tuned!

Find Asia Cafe at:

57-79 Jalan SS 15/8a,
SS 15, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dermatix Promotion @ Subang Parade

30 November 2013
10am - 10pm
@ Subang Parade

I was working as a promoter for a topical scar reduction gel named Dermatix.  This gel is made from Silicon or polysiloxane.  It's available at Subang Parade, Lower ground floor, at the Dermatix booth near Mc Donald's.


Dermatix is available in two forms, 7g and 15g.

In this promotion period from 27/11 - 1/12,
7g is RM42 (normal price: RM49.90) - For 1 month
15g is RM58 (normal price: RM69.90) - For 2 months

For scars (pimple, burns, scratch, caeseraen, mosquito bites, keloids) 2 years or LESS, it is Clinically Proven to lighten, soften and flatten scars within 2 - 3 months of use.

How to apply:

- Twice daily (Once morning, Once night)
- Squeeze just a Pea-size can be used for a 6-inch long scar
- just glide the gel along the scar.
- don't need to rub the gel
- let it dry for 5 minutes, then feel free to apply any lotion, moisturizer or sunblock.

What's so special about Dermatix?

* It's Clinically proven, very effective for scars less than 2 years
* Recommended and prescribed by plastic surgeons and physicians
* Effective to lighten, soften and flatten scars
* Available with prescription or Over-The-Counter (OTC)
* Sold as Dermatix Ultra worldwide and as Dermatix in all major pharmacies in Malaysia.

For more info:

Dermatix Website:

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Food Review #1: Coliseum Cafe & Grill Room @ Plaza 33, Section 13, Petaling Jaya

Sunday, 24 November 2013, 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

This day, Dad, Mum and I decided to visit the very unique and "ancient" Western and Hainanese restaurant (Cafe & Grill to be specific) at Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya, near Jaya 33 and Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC / Dream Centre).

just a short Introduction of Coliseum Cafe & Grill Room...

Official Website:
In Malaysia, there are two branches, one at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur (K.L.) and another one which is the one I visited at Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya (P.J.)

Coliseum Cafe & Grill Room was established in 1921.  It was awarded several titles, namely
The Longest Serving Western Restaurant in the Malaysia Book of Records &
Best Brand in Food & Beverage (The BrandLaureate SME Award).

In this review, I would like to touch on a few aspects.

1. Ambience  

The environment was very friendly, cosy, simply welcoming.  The waiters' manners were also proper upon customers' visit.  They will open the door and welcome you with a smile.  Sometimes, you cannot find such well-mannered restaurant staff in some restaurants in Malaysia.  The tables are Square in shape and there is adequate space for each person to comfortably dine-in.

2. What food they serve?

We found out that the owner of this restaurant at Plaza 33 is a Hainanese, hence explains the mouth-watering dishes from the Hainanese culture.  This restaurant is famous for its Sizzling dishes and Steaks.  But let me just give you a list of what this restaurant serves:

  • Cocktails / Appetizers (Prawn cocktail, Garden Salad, Chef Salad and others)
  • Seafood (Grilled Salmon steak, Fish n Chips, Fish Concalaise and others)
  • Soups (Fresh onion soup, Oxtail soup, Cream of chicken/mushoom soup)
  • Tidbits / Finger Bites (Fried chicken wings, French Fries, Potato wedges and others)
  • Sizzling dishes (Steaks, Chicken and others)
  • Desserts (Fried  ice-cream, Banana Fritters, Crepe A'La Mode and others)

3. What I can Comment on / Recommend?

Personally, I have tried a few dishes, including one main dish and two desserts.  

- Sizzling Chicken with 1 tomato, Cauliflower, Brocolli and Potato wedges. (not actual name of dish)

This main dish is considered really good.  One of the most generous dish in terms of the amount of black pepper sauce it was served with.  In comparison with some other restaurants, you even have to ask for more gravy because the amount served with the dish itself is very stingy / little.  Because of the sizzling hot nature of this dish when it is served to customers, the waiter will put a napkin over the neck of the customer so that the sauce won't dirty the clothes..  The tomato was also delicious, tasted extremely fresh and juicy... Did you notice there are 4 vegetables here, the tomato, cauliflower, potatoes and broccoli?  Hardly dishes serve so many veggies.  Maybe at The Ship yes.  Have I mention the potatoes were amazing as well?  They are not too oily. Overall, this is a Recommended 10/10 chicken dish. 

- Banana and Chocolate Spring Roll with Vanilla Ice-cream

This one is amazing.  The fried banana is definitely not like the ones called "goreng pisang" you get from street stalls.  The spring rolls, laced with chocolate sauce were crunchy, at the same time not too oily.  Those on a diet need not worry about gaining weight by trying out this one.  To complement the wonderful fried bananas, there is one scoop of vanilla ice-cream in the middle, surrounded by the 4 fried bananas.  In terms of the presentation of this dessert, I rate it a 10/10. I finished this dessert within 5 minutes, why not you try this out? 

- Banana Fritters with Ice-cream

This dessert, consists of TWO banana fritters, and vanilla ice-cream (again), topped with Maple syrup, I believed. The banana fritters were more delicious than the one in the spring roll (mentioned above), however as overall, I'll give it an 7/10. Although it was really appetizing, but I would say there's nothing much special about this dessert other than its fritters??

Well, I have yet to try out the other food at Coliseum.   But this is one restaurant I will certainly pay a visit to in the near future. Pricing is considered reasonable for a Western restaurant (Rm 15++ to RM 30++).

That's all for my review!  Details on the restaurant Coliseum is as shown below:

Find this branch (Plaza 33) at:
PG-02 Plaza 33
No 1 Jalan Semangat, 
Section 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

during these hours 
10 am to 10 pm Daily. 

Contact this branch at: 
Tel: +603 7932 3228


Find the Main Branch (K.L.) at:
98 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,
50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

during these hours
10 am to 10 pm Daily.

Contact this branch at:
Tel: +603 2692 6270

Friday, 8 November 2013

Exams is a marathon, a journey, not a sprint

What a good way to start my morning! Waking up at 5:00 a.m. was indeed a "joy".  Note the inverted commas?  8th Nov, Friday, is my Year 12 Psychology (2PSC20) paper.  Well, whilst I was pretty excited for the paper, as I'm done quite well in the subject, it is to a certain extent uncontrollable for my so-willing body to literally "drag" myself back to my lovely bed.  Nevertheless, my rationale took over and I quickly got ready as I need my beloved cousin to drive me to college.

Deep down, I was worrying sick, I didn't finish the past-year papers (PYQ) from 2004-2012 as I'd hope to.  In fact, I didn't even finish half of them..  Sleepiness got to me last night before I couldn't even absorb half of my Psych syllabus.  Ended up dozing off by 12 midnight.

Well, eventually, I went for the paper at 7 am, being already in the exam venue, Lecture Theatre 5 at 6:30 am.   If you'd ask how the paper went, I would say.... hmm.. Not a breeze, but racing thoughts throughout the paper.  I was glad Systematic Desensitisation, which was being asked to describe as a 4 marks question (came out in a couple of past years) also came out this year, 2013.  I was like Thank God!!, my efforts of writing the paragraph of explanation to suit different situations as practice didn't go to waste. Oh yea, back to the racing thoughts, whichever question that I have some knowledge and understanding to answer, I just went for it without proper structuring / phrasing before penning down my responses.  I let my pen do the work as my thoughts "running or rather racing" against time came gushing out from my mind.

3 down, 2 more papers left to go!

Well, exams, exams, how I wish you aren't here in this world.. Cuz you suck!

Anyway, enough of ranting, it's of course Exams IMHO (in my honest opinion),

What they are
1) Things that most if not all people go through that help you know where you stand in the cohort
2) Ordinary papers you often get so hype-d up due to either answering a specific question correctly or  screw-ed them.. Lol
3) Motivation that gets you to stay consistent and determined
4) Pressure tests that 'cooks' you under pretty intense heat & pressure

What they aren't 
1) Horrible nut case stuff that the examiners set to kill you
2) Easy. Exactly my point there: they're not E.A.S.Y
3) Compassionate. They sucks as they don't show even a tiny bit of compassion... Sigh..

Got to go,

Penning it down,

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

SAM Final Exams ~ South Australian Certificate of Education

Tomorrow marks the start of my SACE exams!!

Am I nervous? One of my friends asked.  "CERTAINLY I am, are you kidding me?"  I wanted to reply her that.  However, it is of course in my common sense not to do so to be polite.  I just kindly replied her: "Yes, a little."

The truth is, I am trying to beat TIME here.  

First paper, is ESL (English as a Second Language Studies). 
In this paper, there are many things to do. 
Part 1: Listening Comprehension, 
Part 2: Extended Essay, 
Part 3: Formal Letter 

For me, Listening and Formal letter have to depend on LUCK, whether or not the questions are difficult to understand, or the speakers for the listening may have horrible accent that is incomprehensible... stuff like that.

Formal letter, what I could really prepare for is just formal style of writing, the formats for different letters and basically try to be precise and accurate in meeting the requirements of the question.

EXTENDED ESSAY, this is what fears me the most.  Even though after 2 practices, I only obtained a B- grade, which is very devastating grade for me.   I hope I can brush up my ability to extract all the main points in the 4 Texts given and categorise, paraphrase and write topic sentences.. in addition to having well-written introduction and conclusion.  

Well, see the Clockie above?? Well that is the thing that I fear about... I have practise a couple of times but failed to finish the essay within 90 minutes... OH gosh... Time Management is Crucial

2nd and 3rd papers are Mathematical Studies and Psychology.

Then 13 Nov is my Accounting paper (another subject challenging time management) and finally on the 18 Nov marks the last day of my examinations, it ends with Economics paper. 

I believe it's enough of ranting here. I got to get back to my work. 
Will temporarily stop blogging these few days...

See ya soon. 

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Paradigm Mall: Lunch, Shopping & Discounts!

Today is a well-spent day @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya.

First and foremost, it was the Stock Clearance Promotion @ 50 PERCENT that drawn my mum and I to shop at Padini Concept Store (in short Padini).

I got myself two Tops!  

Then we went to Sushi Zanmai for lunch.  It was a long queue though..
But, it was worth the wait. :)

When we finally got a place to sit, we ordered 4 ocha which means hot tea in Japanese.

*Here are some pics of the yummy food!

Mum ordered Shoyu Ramen (Small)

I ordered Kitsune Udon (Small) and a Chawanmushi

My younger sis ordered Chicken Katsu Ramen and a Chawanmushi

Dad ordered Chicken Karaage Don

We also shared the week's special sushi.  It has a small piece of abalone on top.

An aspect so amazing about this lunch and so worth mentioning was the portions in the Chawanmushi... Thinking about it now makes me drool.  haha let me tell ya wads up with this
exquisite dish -- the Prawn was a long piece, it's not like the small 1-2cm ones you typically get in
most Japanese restaurants, even Rakuzen serves small piece.  There was also the meat which is significantly bigger portion than the usual chawanmushi.  In short, the meal was phenomenal!

The meal totaled up to a bill of RM 100.45 so it costs us about approximately 25 ringgit per person.  Fairly reasonable for traditional Japanese meal of above average quality!

After lunch we went to shop at Popular Bookstore and coincidentally there was also a sale going on.  As a Popular card member, we enjoy better benefits such as a 20% discount off rather than the 10% for non-membership customers.  I got myself some stationery for the upcoming exams and 5 books, all with discounts ranging from 10 to 30 percent.

*The book titles are listed as below (alphabetical order):
1. A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks
OP: RM 35.50   NP: RM 28.40
2. I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
OP: RM 42.50   NP: RM 29.75
3. The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick
OP: RM 35.90   NP: RM 28.72
4. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
OP: RM 29.95   NP: RM 20.96
5. 自爱, 无需等待》-- 素黑
OP: RM 35.00   NP: RM 31.50

After book grabs, dad and I went to browse/shop for a new pair of shoes for me.  After seeing in many stores we arrived at Payless Shoesource. It costs RM69.90 which I consider quite expensive.. (Personal judgment).

We went to visit grandma after that. Around 8.15pm, we went to BeBeHo Steamboat restaurant. For dinner. We ordered sets for 2 pax for all 4 of us. It was a fulfilling meal overall, costing us around
RM 35.

One interesting thing in their menu is that they have Angry Bird Fish Fillet priced at RM3.80. Haven't try this though maybe should try someday..

That summed up my Saturday. Intended to write some essays to prepare for ESL paper next Wed. But was exhausted when back at 10 something .. What to do? Only can Sigh.

As I attempt to post this before 12am, I give today an 8/10 score.  Emotional turbulences irritates me. Mood swings, uncontrollable thoughts. Part and parcel of me I guess. 

Finally, I thank God for the AWESOME day with my family and please please bless me with good sleep for work tomorrow!  :)

For those who wish to locate Paradigm Mall, 
Find Paradigm Mall at:
1, SS7/26A,  Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

*Pictures are going to be uploaded soon.. Stay tuned

Friday, 18 October 2013

Self Reflection and Sharing

SACE Year 12 exams are just round the corner, starting in 19 days time.  I'm definitely starting the Countdown. (sighs)

Being in the study environment (a.k.a. class) that is a huge difference from my high school class, I find myself
SEARCHING.. for what is studies supposed to be? as if I am some lost soul in higher education.

Decision Making is one thing that I always struggle with..
My busy-body Mind, not me in essence will keep thinking/considering other possibilities or probabilities or negative externalities interfering with this decision (any decision that I make on a daily basis in general).

From the book, The Power of NOW by spiritual teacher and counsellor @Eckhart Tolle, I learnt that our MIND is not the Real US.

Some facts about how our mind works (based on the book):
1. Philosopher Descartes believed that " I think, therefore I am" (p.12).
Self reflection: Sometimes, I get confused too as I often get so emotionally unstable because of some troubles I am facing until the point I feel: I cannot live with my mind anymore.  Then at that instant, I knew my mind and the true me are different beings.

2. People struggle emotionally and mentally due to them unconsciously identifying themselves with their mind (p. 13), which is constantly nosy, come out with thoughts based on past experiences (conscious or unconscious).
Self reflection: Throughout SAM year, I had the opportunity to explore myself, I tend to analyse, so sometimes I analyse what I think.  And quite opposite to the belief that I may go nuts thinking all day (I do sometimes), but I realise I am more Aware, more Conscious and more Present as it is emphasised in the book.

3. Mind is a superb instrument if used correctly, but if used wrongly, it will become destructive to the person (p.13).
Self reflection: As a person who THINKS and FEELS excessively, at times unnecessarily, I often find myself unable to turn off the mind-thinking button.... sighs.. Still working on staying in the now, the present, in body, mind and spirit.

In this year 2013, I have:

  • learned to approach things in a less stressed out way (as compared to what I used to do)
  • accepted that we all have strengths and weaknesses & that there are just some things that we are not capable of doing
  • learned to always ask myself what is it that I DESIRE and WANT, instead of constantly seeking for opinions for validation.
  • not let what is going on around me affect me in a great extent.
  • strive to consistently remind myself that "Yes, there are setbacks in Life, there were wrong decisions made, there were bad times, but it's not the end."
  • for:

I was constantly reminding myself this. :-)

While day-in day-out, I get stucked, literally stucked when needed to make a decision,
I remind myself, it's okay if you take more time to do it.
Slowly, and surely you can make the decision.
Well, I pray before I make important decisions (eg: applying for uni course, when to apply etc.)
And go with what I feel would be right, would lead me to the career I desire, the HAPPY life that I desire, hopefully would be God's will for me.

While I always have internal self talk (usually negative) bugging me on a daily basis --- the noisy mind and things around me that irritates me, confuses me while my mind keep trying to make sense of it, 

I strive to muster the COURAGE to live life, to the FULLEST, in hopes that things will get better, time will heal and I can be more at PEACE with Me.  

After many months of SOUL SEARCHING and basically exploring what I truly want, not in Mind but in Heart.  What kind of a person I want to be?  What type of work (vocation) I see myself doing for life?  et cetera.

During the GOOD days where thoughts and feelings aren't so overwhelming, I feel capable of achieving, I feel capable of turning bad situations around, simply being Optimistic about the future.

But during those Not-so-good days, thoughts and feelings bugged, my negative mind takes over, I am no longer present, it's all the mind that controls all of my being. (sounds a little abstract but I am sure you all will feel this). During these times, my internal world (emotions, feelings, self esteem, thinking, productivity) crashed. SIMPLY CRASHED.  Low self esteem, feeling depressed, you name it.

But still, I carry onto the only thing that kept me surviving this SAM year.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A 4-minutes Speech by Eckhart Tolle: On Being Yourself

Have you ever wonder of your very own existence, what / who it really is?

I myself, do not know the answer, for in my own understanding, it varies based on one's perception of Life, my life, your life, all our lives.

A young woman in her thirties/fourties (not sure of her age) once told me:

Our IMAGINATION is and will become our REALITY.

On most days, I wondered about our very own state of Being.. the state of being human.  What is it like?
Can we (mind) control our being? or Are we controlled by it/he/she (the human)?

I guessed that woman who spoke those words gain some truth about this.  

Just maybe, our perceptions are really our own imagination and they form our own Perceptive Reality. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Trials and my Life now

Here I am, intentionally skipping college today, trying to be productive at home...
as college classes aren't always productive due to the upcoming trials
which starts tomorrow

But I ended up taking my own sweet time
waking up at 9am, 
wasn't doing anything other than playing CCS 
Candy Crush Saga

Well, I struggle with fear to study as well
I guess I was in "INACTION' state for too long
I fear unexpected things may happen if I start to STUDY again

It's been long since I took my studies seriously
since last year exams I guess
Its was a long time of me not doing anything actively
a long time I struggled.
with many things...
social Life...
the horrible news on papers everyday

I believe that no matter how strong is the storm and wind
they will die down soon
I believe it's the time,
I put down all the hurtful past,
embrace it with all my heart
the sad moments and parts of my life
are still mine,
they still belong to me
no matter how much I want them to leave me

I wish to take this step
I want to continue my journey in Life
I am glad I didn't deal with things on my own
I seek help, and I had help
I am walking, proceeding, letting go, 
Being at PEACE with my mind, with myself, with my soul

When things go wrong, 
I tell myself, 
It's OKAY.
What is done IS done,
I tell myself, 
FIX it. 

Tomorrow's the beginning of Trials for my course
starting with ESL. 
then ECONS, 
with 2 days weekend break
I am taking this trials seriously
although doing last minute revision

I am going for it, 
praying for His protection, guidance and blessing.


Friday, 6 September 2013

How to let go certainty and control?

Have you ever thought your life is out of your control?  Have you feel the irresistible need to control every single event that ought to happen in the next hour, next day? Have you ever felt the compelling need to be certain of some things before you begin your work/assignment or make a major decision?

Needing remote controls to navigate your life??

Without a doubt, I can say I am a "control freak" of my own life.  As I recalled some of the unpredictable events that have happened in my life, I've since 'learned' the only way to ensure things to go my way is to -- control everything

Sunday, 28 July 2013

TED Sharing #1: Tony Robbins on "Why we do what we do"

Just a couple of hours ago, I recalled myself quoting Tony Robbins in my conversation with my Toastmasters Club mentor, and I reminded myself at that moment of the truth: I didn't really know what Anthony Robbin's talks are like! Hence, I googled Tony and found a video on a TED talk speech he gave a couple of years ago in California, USA, titled "Why we do what we do".

Initially, I watched the video with an intention of just knowing what he wanted to say, in other words, hearing him out per-se.  It was a approximate 22 minutes talk in which at first I thought would be around 10 minutes.

Nevertheless, the content of his talk kept me glued to the laptop, in addition of plugging in my Loudspeaker specifically to obtain the effect of a real live event, at home Lol!

So, here's the link to the video
Ted Talks: Anthony Robbins - Why we do what we do

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Instilling HOPE in Life - By pushin' on and not giving up

Faith . Hope . Love 

Did you realise?

Hope is at the center...

Well, these few days, I have been struggling with some thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

I thought, for a second, about this interesting question,

What makes you go on and live everyday,
Attend college lectures,
Rushing assignments in order to meet deadlines... et cetera,
all these struggles are so overwhelming??

After much thought, 
I knew, for certain,
It was HOPE..

It was the very act of HOLDING ON,
to LIFE that is so so precious to all of us.

At a certain point of our lives,
we feel lost, helpless, desperate, even sometimes we do not know where, or whom to turn to,
for some form of help,
may it be physical, mental, psychological or spiritual.

Despite all these struggles of a perfectionist like me,
I DESIRE to feel better everyday, 
Be a better person,
constantly improving,
courageously facing challenges in life.

And there's when HOPE comes into play.
I believe HOPE keeps me alive, even my Chinese name consists of a word meaning HOPE
It's with a sense of HOPE that things around and within will get better that keeps me GOING
a journey in life that NEVER CEASES, 
that even when we die, our spirit and legacy will live on.

I guess that's all for today's entry..
I'm giving a speech on Tuesday during Toastmasters meeting. 
a speech that has to do with Decisions.
I am still thinking of what to speak about really,
but let's not forget about HOPE.

For it has helped me tremendously,
I am sure by instilling hope, you can overcome challenges and hurdles in life,
and lead a positive one,
your own unique one! 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

What's Life all about anyway? -- While we all search for meaning in this journey...

Warning: this is not much of a positive post, solely written based on personal experiences and feelings. 
Leaf and Life.... Is there a connection?
Sometimes, I wondered, what's life all about anyway? 

Being an thinker and analytical person, a request to ask me not to think of this open-ended, somewhat philosophical topic is virtually and literally Impossible.

On a personal note, being at the crossroad of my life, probably searching for self identity, while constantly struggling with my a-hell-of-a-turmoil of emotions, thoughts and feelings, Life, at the present moment --- is indeed very tough.

Life, perhaps, is itself for us to define it ourselves. I believe to a certain greater extent, we have control of what happens and how we react to situations in our lives. Undeniably, life is just a short duration of perhaps 50-90++ years on average, that we all strive to live to our satisfaction. It's very much an ordeal searching for some meaning these days.. 

I guess sometimes,
it's important to just put aside all problems and difficulties,
and just do these three things,
in this order

LiFe.... I always thought it is a beautiful, positive word, something Alive that often make one cherish.. 

Cherishing life is important, though sometimes difficult situations and circumstances may make you feel helpless, directionless and hopeless. But knowing that you ARE NOT alone (even though you may feel that way), and Tomorrow will be a better day is Essential --- to Keep us going, striving, living for the better.

more of a self-indulging post here.. 

Peace Out!!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Braces and its package, Wonderful Pleasure or Pure Agony?

Talking about braces and being 18 and in Malaysia, it's considered quite late to have braces done at this age especially living in the city. Most of my peers got the braces "treatment" at age 15/16??

Anyway, I just got mine done around a week ago and I'm just grateful that I am fortunate enough to have it done, because.... it's kinda pricey..

So, this is going to be a rather casual post.
Does braces give me pleasure? Sometimes, I would say... Just constantly reminding myself of how beautiful my set of unruly (not sure if this is the right word) teeth would look like when they get aligned and adjusted properly, I feel confidence and short-lived happiness. :)

I'm glad during my visit to the dentist to do the braces, it didn't hurt at all!! Thank God for that! 

Anyway, I got to accommodate and adapt to my new braces as 

I couldn't eat RICE, MEAT...basically my teeth are as if PARALYSED...

I could starting eating SHORTBREAD! (after a few days that is.. :p)

How NICE!!! :)

So that's about it, I'm just grateful that my teeth don't hurt, for now.. just an ulcer at the back of my mouth.. Other than that, things are great..


A Video for you all,

The Show - Lenka

So Peace Out for now!